Reasons Why Android Tablets Would Beat iPad

With the arrival of iPad 2, many now might be very confused that whether to go for the latest iPad 2 or with other Android tablets like Xoom which may not be thin and light like an Apple iPad but if we talk of the specifications and choices which are being offered by Android tablets is much more than what is being provided by Apple iPads.  Where you have multiple companies which will be adopting the Android platform and will be releasing the Android laden tablets, Apple will be the sole one which will be fighting in the tablet world with its iPad 2 version which has been launched just few days back on March, 11. So, let’s check out the few reasons why Android tablets would beat iPad.

Reasons Why Android Tablets Would Beat iPad

Reasons Why Android Tablets Would Beat iPad:

While you only have an option to Choose Apple iPad as in only iPad, you have more than hundred options to choose from an Android tablets. So when it comes to options Android clearly scores ahead of Apple. The best available option which Android has currently as of now in front of the Apple iPad is Motorola Xoom which wins over the latest iPad2 in almost all parameters only keeping the design part aside as iPad comes in a much more thinner and lighter in weight.

With an all new notification bar which is being rolled out in the Honeycomb, the Android tastes an all new useful and good looking widget which if compared with Apple iPad as the notification bar in Apple is quite not simple and is complex. When a message appears in the Android, it just appears at the bottom of the screen disappears unlike the one in iPad which stays on till you check out the message.

With the arrival of Android’s latest operating system version Honeycomb which highly supports multitasking with an ease compared to cluttered multitasking experience in the Apple iPad2 which is bit harder to use in iPad2.

While an Android tablet Xoom comes with a powerful secondary camera of 2 MP along with the back camera of 5MP with 720p HD capability, Apple iPad2 comes with a mere VGA camera at the front while the back camera is a 2MP one with 5x zoom though. Also, several other Android tablets has better specifications than the camera provided in the iPads.

While still the camera flash couldn’t make it to the iPads for which only Apple only has the answer, most of the Android tablets come with the flash and not to forget a powerful camera too. Android includes flash support. Apple’s assertion that Flash won’t be the standard for video in the near future may be right, however, so if many sites start moving over to H.264, for example, the landscape could change. But for now, if you want to use Flash, Android is the answer.

Home screens
The home screen on iPad has a lot of space which can be used to accommodate many useful widgets. On the other hand, new Honeycomb OS has five customizable home screens to fill up the widgets and app shortcuts. This reaction to the screen arrangement may wary between different users as some may prefer a simple screen with less apps and few others with many user accessible friendly apps. The home screen on Android can be customized very easily while on iPad there are hardly any customizations which you get.

Processing Speed
While the latest iPad2 comes with a mere 512 MB RAM, the latest Android’s Xoom comes with 1GB. Now no matter what else is being put into, lower the processing speed higher is the risk of freezing of the device which in turn is not good for all multitasking lovers.

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