KMPlayer Features – A Better player than VLC?

Most of us use and trust only famous AV players like VLC Player, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, GOM Player, Winamp, KMPlayer and Etc for both good Audio and Video experience. We all know that how famous the above players are. We got used to them so closely that we don’t care of upgrading them or try to install a new version.All the above players which i mentioned are very good players which are stable and flexible. I want to mention some details about KMPlayer which is used by most of the people now a days. KMPlayer team were not upgrading there software from months and also some bugs and errors made people to shift to other players because of its some default errors and bugs which bothered people from using it consistently.

KMPlayer Features

Actually KMPlayer was a Pandora TV product and most of the decisions were taken by Pandora TV management. Now the KMPlayer is separated from them and working individually to increase standard and put more focus on product. Since they have been recently working hard to correct the product bugs and errors, finally they have succeeded in releasing a new version of KMPlayer with more advanced features. The Improved KMPlayer is really challenging many of the other players. Lets see how it is improved and what made it more stable and consistent, here are some of the new KMPlayer features.

KMPlayer Features:

  1. FLV – Skip Problem :  FLV files are treated badly with built-in FLV splitter and also KMPlayer freezes for 20 – 30 secs if we want to scroll the video for ahead or backward in streaming.
  2. MKV + 24bits FLAC Audio Problem : Whenever we try to play FLAC audio in KMPlayer the video has a choppy playback. This happens with all kinds of resolution videos from 360p t0 1080p. Other videos without FLAC run smoothly.
  3. M2TS File : They have fixed the screen size problem.
  4. Sync : They have fixed some video’s audio problem.
  5. EVR Mode :They have fixed the EVR freezing mode problem in Vista and Windows 7.
  6. Audio Codec : They have updated the BASE version to Audio codec ( which supports OFR File).
  7. EAC3 : They have fixed the EAC3 codec and Filter problem.
  8. TRUE HD : They have fixed the TRUEHD codec problem.
  9. MP3 Info Problem : They have fixed the MP3 ID3V2 info problem where Non existing asian characters will be displayed on mp3s with ID3V2 set by streamripper.
  10. Album Art : They have added a new function album art to thumbnail image extraction from WMA file.
  11. EVR : They have fixed the EVR C/A.
  12. MP4 Analysis : They have fixed the MP4 file analysis problem.
  13. Speed : The facing speed is improved a lot better.
  14. Skins : New skins can are easy to upgrade and also are very attractive.

Apart from these modifications, the team has made tremendous changes the team is now working more on solving other bugs and errors. I have personally tried the new KMPlayer today and I was amazed to see its performance. Earlier it used to freeze a lot for MKV files and other hard files. Now its very stable and consistent. If you want to download the new KMPlayer or discuss the KMPlayer features, check out these links.


kmp download (OR) DOWNLOAD HERE

Note : KMplayer has no official website as per now. They have a very good forum where every one can register and share there experiences and problems.

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