The Best Picture Apps for Your iPhone – Must Have

The Apple iPhone changed the way people viewed and used their cell phones forever. First launched in the summer of 2007, the iPhone set the bar for smart phones everywhere. The iPhone brings your entire life together in one sleek little phone. Instead of having a separate day planner, digital camera and MP3 player, you can now have it all on your iPhone. Not only that, but you can text, web browse, check your email and download many different cool applications, or “apps,” on your phone. If you love being creative and artistic, the iPhone is the perfect smart phone for you. It takes high def pictures and videos and has many attractive apps that allow you to play around with the style of your photos and even upload them onto Facebook or Twitter to share with your friends.


Hipstamatic : One great app to download on your phone if you love pictures is the Hipstamatic app. This app allows you to turn your iPhone into an old timey camera and take pictures in many different styles and lighting. You can choose from a classic Diana cam that creates dreamy, lo-fi prints or black and white options. Whatever style you choose, your pictures will come out looking fantastic and you will be able to turn any scene into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Pocketbook  : Another fun app that is great to use with your friends is the Pocketbook app. The Pocketbooth app pyts all of the enjoyment of a photobooth right onto your phone. You can take fun photobooth pictures anytime, anywhere with your pals. Be sure to make your best smile and say cheese!

PicFrame : If you like to play around with your pictures or make collages, then the PicFrame app is great for you. This handy little application allows you to pick and choose from your photos on your phone and create a unique and pretty collage. You can pick from different frames and add two, three or more photos to the collage. This is a great way to share multiple photos at once and create a fun look that all of your friends will love.

After you download all of these cool apps onto your smart phone, you want to make sure that it is protected from the elements. The last thing that you want happening to your iPhone is for it to get scuffed or scraped. A good way to protect your smart phone from damage is to get it a cover. Cheap cell phone faceplates are a great way to keep your phone safe and secure. The best part is that the faceplates come in multiple colors so you’ll find one that will surely fit your style.

Your iPhone can be your new favorite camera. Download all of the apps mentioned in this article, and become an artist all on your own! You will love sharing your pictures with the world. Just be sure to get a cell phone case to protect your phone.


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