Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone – Are They Really Worth it?

We all know that the App Store is flooded with millions of apps and finding a worthy app to spend your cash on is still quite difficult. While the world is moving towards free apps there are still developers releasing paid apps. Though the percentage of free apps is higher on the App Store, there are certain specialized apps that do charge for downloads. Regardless of many free apps being available, there are iPhone and iPad users who still opt for a higher quality experience usually guaranteed from paid apps. This justifies the fact that there is still scope for paid apps in the market and that they are not completely vanishing. Of course, they need to be unique to justify the cost.

Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone/iPad:

Let’s look at some of the top most paid apps available on the App Store that appear promising and we believe they deserve a penny.


iMovie a great app that instantly turnsHD video you shoot on your iOS device into a masterpiece of a smooth trailer. You can import video clips from other external devices, arrange them on a timeline, shuffle them around and preview the results. iMovie is designed for multi touch and all you need to do is tap, swipe and drag to create blockbuster movie like videos in minutes. It works well, is easy to learn and use when compared with packages selling for hundreds of dollars.

imovie app


Afterlight is simple in design and is said to be the perfect image editing app to build wonderful photo creations within a short span of time. It is packed with 15 adjustment tools to make your image picture perfect. Film textures, powerful cropping and transforming tools give you the look and feel you want in seconds. It includes a range of real and natural light leaks created by the makers of the app to simplify dust textures. You can save your photos in full resolution, lightning fast and share it on your favorite social networks.

Launch Centre Pro:

Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone - Launcher Pro

Launch Centre Pro allows you to send sweet text messages;find out the nearest coffee shop and launch apps all with a single flick of your thumb. Create shortcuts to automate communication between apps and get things done sooner with lesser manual tapping and by directly interacting with the feature you need. There are lot more features added regularly and some of them include emailing, firing up your Instagram’s camera, and you can also create shortcuts forSafari, Google searches or face time calls. Tap an app icon in Launch Centre Pro and you can simply call, text, perform your favorite actions and everything is set in a fraction of seconds even before your memory can track what’s happening.

The Amazing Spider Man:

The Amazing Spider Man, an original movie based game application makes you experience the character of Peter Parker and brings the adventures of Spider Man right in front of your eyes. This augmented reality app takes you on various missions and you can try out locating and unlocking 3D Spider-Man interactive animations. You can also capture the action snap shots from all angles and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Sleep Cycle:

Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone - Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor your movement to determine which sleep phase you are in. This intelligent alarm clock wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase making you feel completely relaxed. This gives close competition to Android’s Sleepbot app and Sleep As Android and other bio alarm clock apps that usually come with a heavy price tag of $200. Choose from 8 different alarm clock sounds, check graphs to see how you sleep at night and keep an eye on your average sleeping time. Don’t you think balanced sleep and waking up is made easy with this simple app?

Instacast 4:

Instacast 4 embraces your iPhone with its complete new overhauled user interface by adding new features. The new Instacast has a sidebar menu allows you to access your favorite lists and bookmarks, directory, subscriptions, Up Next queue, and other functional features. It also includes improved multitasking and background download management. Instacast’s new cloud sync keeps your podcasts in sync with the cloud and all you need to do is sign up for free. Managing huge collections of podcasts on the move is made easy with Instacast’s intuitive design.

Heads Up:

Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone - Heads Up

Heads up is a fun and popular game designed for iPhone and iPod users by Ellen DeGeneres. A guessing game that allows you to choose a deck and thus place the device over your head in order to let your friends see the name, phase or word currently displayed. You need to keep guessing the right name or word which your friends start describing with some clues/hints. Deck includes categories like celebrities, accents, characters, movies, animals, singing and lot more. This entertaining app is yet another smart and worthy addition to the App Store.


MapMyRun is a great app for fitness enthusiasts especially if you are a runner or a jogger. Hit the road with a smartphone and track your workouts accurately with its intelligent GPS system. No extra handsets are required and you can know your workout routine by recording every detail. Follow your route and create your own runs while speed, distance, time, pace and calories burn through this interactive app. Sign up for a free account and get a great tool to map your workouts like running, biking, hiking, jogging and lots more.

Minecraft- Pocket Edition:

Top 10 Highest Paid Apps for iPhone - Minecraft Pocket Edition

It is a universal app played on iPhone and iPad that makes you go creative with your imagination as you go on world touring. Use blocks to build masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, and think beyond your imagination while going on an adventure. You can invite your own pool of creative mindsets to play with you. The latest update includes the iconic creepers that are big, green, mean and explody. Loads of other features are being added to ensure better performance of the game.


Makers of iOS have reimagined Clear as an add-on to the latest iOS feature for making productivity even more fun and satisfying. List-keeping is made unbelievably simple and is very useful for people who would like to maintain their daily tasks in an orderly way. Clear gives you a unique experience as it is totally controlled by gestures pioneered by Apple’s mobile operating system. Clear++ is the new edition of Clear and is available both for iPad as well as iPhone users.

We have just presented you a short list of apps and there are many more fantastic apps left unmentioned. What are some of the great paid apps installed on your iPhone? Do let us know via comments!


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