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Check out the 20 Fastest Free Android Mobile Browsers in Android market. We got a very good response on our first android post Top 15 Free Android Apps You Must Have and today i will start with the most famous browser and accordingly the review and features of that respective browser. Since we have many browsers in market, we prefer only few browsers like Opera, Mozilla and etc. You may not like some features in your same old browser, but we still use it because we might not know the other browsers which are equally as good as these famous browsers. So lets talk about the most popular and most downloaded android browsers today.

20 Fastest Free Android Mobile Browsers

20 Fastest Free Android Mobile Browsers:

 1) Opera Mini Web Browser : No wonder to see Opera in the top position. Opera is fast, light and is very easy to navigate. This free android browser will save your money by loading the data very fast. The data is already compressed by the opera servers which will make the browser to load content very fast. The popular sites like Facebook, Google and Yahoo will open even more faster than compared to the normal browsers. This browser is rated 5/5 in android market. You can download the application. -> Download

20 Fastest Free Android Mobile Browsers

2) Maxthon Browser : Maxthon android browser is really fast and smart which is completely secure, simple and fun. Maxthon PC browser has already 600 Million users. While coming to the mobile browser of Maxthon, they have included some awesome features like Sync to cloud, you can select your own skin/theme, you can switch between www/wap, has RSS reader widget, Speed dial, Download manager, Super gesture, Tab browsing, Amazing speed, Powerful personalization, You can download the application from android market -> Download

android browser

3) Dolphin Browser™ HD : Dolphin browser is considered to be the most powerful, fast and elegant. This browser is considered to be very smart. You can interact and engage the web through your mobile device in a easy way. This intelligent browser works awesome for all Android versions. Rated as 5/5 by many users. You can open you favorite websites with just one click. and also you can customize the feel, look and sound with more than 50 addons. The browsing is really effortless. The web articles are displayed in a elegant format without distractions. You can just tap to shift between pages with ease.You can make your own gestures with this smart application. You can download the application from android market -> Download

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4) Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 : This browser is very rich in look , smarter and with more fun. Skyfire is considered to be the most usable social mobile browser and ranked as top 2 in market. This is the best browser for the social networking generation. Some awesome  features are Flash video, User agent switching, Facebook Overview, Fireplace Feed Reader, Popular pages, Related Ideas, Skyfire Search, Facebook like button and many more. This app is rated 4.3/5 by users in android market.  You can download the application from android market -> Download

5) Mozilla Firefox : The legend of all browsers in PC, has launched it mobile browser which is performing very well from day 1. The regular updates and user reviews made this browser more popular. In this browser the security is really pretty good and the privacy features will make you stay safe online. You can synchronize history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords. The new features of Mozilla are Awesome screen, Sync, Addon’s, Speed, Tabs, Sharing, Location Aware Browsing, Full Screen view. This app is rated 3.5/5 by users in android market. You can download the application from android market -> Download

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6) Dolphin Browser™ Mini : Dolphin Mini is fast, Simple and new. The browser is really powerful, elegant and valuable. The user interface is friendly and more easy to work on. The high speed responsibility, speed dial on homepage is really cool. You can browse in infinite tabs and the menu design is awesome. The powerful copy text is a additional feature which i love to use. Few more cool features of Dolphin browser is its Gesture, Multi-tab browsing, pinch zoom, tool box, RSS detection, Bookmarks sync and history, flash support is really cool to have. You can download the application from android market -> Download and click here to visit the Official Website

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7) UC Browser : This is full-featured mobile browser. UC browser is praised to be the fastest browser along with leading compression, Powerful download management and stable functions. This browser uses the cloud computing  structure into mobile browser, which was quite revolutionary.  You can find two modes of browsing Data Saving and Full function which will provide you the best browsing experience.  Apart from these features you can also find featured site navigation, easy preference, pre-load, night mode, My shortcuts and etc. Click here to download the application from android market -> Download

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8) Wikitude World Browser : This browser is voted as Best Augmented Reality Browser in 2010. You can find out whats new in a completely different way.  You can explore your surroundings by just using your camera. Wikitude overlay’s the camera display make the objects make it to look really cool. You can find a lot of features in this browser like finding events, tweets, wiki articles, Restaurants, hotels, and etc. You can browse more than 100 million places and massive content. You can explore the places nearby and search any relevant thing online. Also you can find special coupons to shop in nearby stores. Click here to download the application from android market -> Download

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9) Boat Browser Mini : This browser is fast and clean. Easy to use and the user interface is pretty good. Some awesome features really impressed many users. Boat browser will load and render pages very quick. It supports different themes and has multi tab in gallery. Multi touch pinch zoom and you can create shortcut for webpage to home screen. You can also add bookmarks very easily. It supports full screen option in menu. Supports dominant WAP website, Adobe Flash player, download manager, easy Gingerbread style copy/paste, App to SD, Cache to SD and supports multi language. Click here to download the application from android market -> Download

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10) Miren Browser : Miren browser is considered to be the best intuitive browsing. You can experience an full tabbed browser with smart full screen mode. The top site navigation and smart suggestions are really cool. This is the best browser with instant back/forward  options. Miren will support even flash. Has a multi touch pinch zoom. You can also bookmark the folders and import/export with your SD. Miren has cool features like Full service where you can access WAP and WWW sites with super speed.Facilitate close with Multi-label switching, Massive Music will Quick search vast amounts of high-quality music, Super cool to read where  the major news sites to read the novel mode of. No advertising, not-for-page, quick and comfortable. Click here to download the application from android market -> Download

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Apart from these above top android browsers, you can also download few more android browsers to experience  browsing in a new fashion. Here are the list of few other browsers which are really worth trying.

Few More Popular Android Browsers :

  1. Google Chrome to Phone
  2. Galapagos Browser
  3. Angel Browser
  4. Dual Window Web Browser
  5. Free Private Browser
  6. Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser
  7. Secret Browser
  8. Safe Browser -The Porn Blocker
  9. Ninesky Browser
  10. Choose Browser

We hope you liked our article on 20 Fastest Free Android Mobile Browsers. We will be out with more amazing free stuff in android very soon. Share these 20 Fastest Free Android Mobile Browsers with your friends and let us know if you have any queries.

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  1. Opera Mini has been covered here. But I would prefer to use Opera Mobile due to its Flash support.

    I am aware of the fact that pages load faster on the Mini version by taking advantage from the compression feature of Opera servers. But in terms of full fledged desktop-like browsing, it stands nowhere!

    I use Dolphin Brewser HD and Opera Mobile both.

  2. You should have covered xScope, the only browser with precise zoom without multitouch…

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