Top 15 Free Android Apps You Must Have

Now Android is a revolutionary mobile operating system. Everybody is concentrating on Android and its apps. So I have decided to find out the most Useful Best Apps for Android which are completely free. As all these 15 Android Apps are free of cost. Some of them need a Android Market Account. So all you have to do is to register a Android Market Account first with your Google Account and Download them. Remember that to install Apps in your Android Mobile, You have to login to and type the android app name which you want and then click on install. The file will be downloading soon and now you can installed it.

1) Opera Mini: Opera Mini is the best browser for android mobile with lightening fast browsing and smart mobile browsing. The application is really worth to download and is completely free to use it. The application stands no: 1 in my list as per today. You can download the application from: Download

2) Seesmic: Seesmic is a powerful rich android application which allows us to manage Twitter Accounts. As we all know that there are bundles of Twitter apps in internet now, Seesmic is special in many different ways. You can share images, post videos to YouTube, share links, configuring your notifications and etc.This app will manage all the twitter timelines in a single screen. You can even manage multiple twitter accounts. You can open the view the tweet directly from the app without even opening the new tweet link. You can download the application here: Download

3) Winamp for Android: This is a ultimate media player for android. The main features of this app are it can be wirelessly connected with your desktop computer. Can move iTunes library to android, Playlist support and also SHOUT cast radio. The application can be downloaded from: Download

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4) Astro File Manager: This is the best application in android which allows us to download any file which we want from any browser. We can Extract Zip Files, Create and Browse files. You can backup all your files to SD Card, Send file attachments Images, Text and also it’s the best way to manage the files on your phone without the need of a computer. You can also use the common applications like Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Move. The best part is that you can search your files whenever you want. As said you can backup your android apps to your SD card and uninstall the app and again reinstall it when required. You can have Thumbnail settings and icon views which you like. Download this free application from here : Download

5) AK Notepad: Ak notepad will allow you to write whatever you want and allow us to send that notes via sms or emails whenever you want. The app allows us to save remainders and also it allow us to keep the remainders in the home page for easy access and you can sort the notes accordingly with custom titles with LED notifications. The best part is that it also has the search function and theme settings options. You can download the app here: Download

6) Facebook for Android : All you all know that now almost everyone is using facebook throughout the world and most of the people are almost addicted to the legend facebook. Now Facebook has launched its official Android App for Facebook users. Its undoubtedly the best app to interact with your friends and family. Similar to facebook web interface, here we can use all the options which we use in our fb, like friends request, messages, wall, info and status and etc. Download the file from here : Download

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7) Swype: Swype is a faster and a easier way of typing text on any mobile screens. You can use your phone stylus motion or a finger to type text. You can be able to type 40 wpm text with the help of swype.Works perfectly on phones, gaming consoles, kiosks, T.V, Virtual screens and tablets. The main advantage of swype is its Easy, Fast, Finger Tip Operation, Auto-Spacing, Input Slider, 50+ symbols, Auto Correction, 65000+ words English dictionary and many more. Download directly from here: Download and you can learn the installation steps here: Installation Steps

8. Foursquare: Foursquare is a best application to explore your city and learn about the places which ever you want. The application is very widely used by android lovers and this app provides some awesome features like It can record the places which have visited in search previously, Battery will be saved tremendously as this app will not work for hours in BG. Check status in Facebook and Twitter, Add missing places in a list. And many more. You can download the application here: Download

9) Tweet Deck – Tweet Deck is a wonderful android application which allows All Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and etc. at one place. You can Retweet and track your comments, likes and tweets in a ME Column. Has a Foursquare fluent where you can check your location and venue in maps. You can customize the sound, and light for each columns and also vibration. You can instantly sign in all your accounts with a single Tweet Deck App. You can also Speed dial your contacts and also you can control your messaging services. Download the application form here : Download

10) ChompSMS: This is the best android application which can replace the in-built messaging interface. This application will allow TextFreek, Widgets, Blacklisting, Speak Text, Quick-Pick Contacts & Groups, User Interface Customizations, and Mark all as Read, Hide Keyboard, Quick Reply, Contact Pictures, Quick Compose, Templates and Many more. You can download the application for here: Download (Official Site) or Download (Direct)

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11) Phonebook 2.0: This Android Application was developed by Voxmobili who combined all social networking and instant messaging all at one place. This app can secure the contact and notify the users who are online at present all will centralize all communications. Provides Contextual Information, Contact groups, Mobile Social Networking, Sync and Backup, Event logs and completely customizable. You can download this application here: Download

12) VPlayer Alpha: This wonderful Android App will allow us to play different media formats in our phone; It supports Flv, RMVB, Divx/Xvid, AVI, WMV, MP4 and lot more. The application will allow you to play almost all videos formats and as per now there are no subtitle feature, May be they will upload it soon I guess. You can download the application from here directly: Download

13) Task Manager: The Task manager is the best Android App which allows us to manage Tasks, Phone Information, Devices, SD card and etc at a single place. You can terminate the apps which are not working or not needed. You can uninstall bulk apps at a single time. And assign shortcuts to your useful tools. You can download the application here: Download

14) WordPress for Android: As most of the people today are bloggers in wordpress, this application is really useful to them. You can manage your blogs instantly with the powerful android app. You can perform the same tasks like Writing New Posts, Edit Posts, and Manage Comments. As wordpress has officially launched this app, you can find a lots of tutorials in there forums and websites. You can download the application from here: Download

15) K9 Mail: K9 Mail for android application is the best email client for Android. With this application you can send and receive emails, Configure to POP3, IMAP & WebDAV protocols. Clean previous emails, Search multiple emails. Copy email text to forward a email, email sorting and signatures and many more. and it’s completely free of cost. You can download your k9 email android app here: Download

That’s it! These are the Top 15 Android Applications which are very useful, Easy, Fast and Free. Hope you liked them. Hope to see you soon with another post on android.

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