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Optimize your PC with 3 best free system utilities. The other day, we made a giveaway to win the most amazing system utility software, called Auslogics Bootspeed 5 with 10 license keys worth 50$, each for 10 lucky users. It will be anyhow open for another 6days i.e till 14/12/12, where you can enter the giveaway and complete the steps to win the key. People who have missed this giveaway can try to optimize their PC’s with few other software’s, which are as good as the paid ones and complete free of cost. We have collected a list of 3 amazing system utility software’s for your Windows PC’s.

3 best free system utilities

3 Best Free System Utilities For Your PC :

1) Glary Utilities : This software is your one click PC maintenance software, which keeps your PC stable and reliable. This software is ranked number one in the system utilities under the free windows optimize tools. The Glary utilities is used by millions of users, who trust the amazing options like through and quick cleaning with free restoration. This free software will also has registry cleaning, disk cleaning, Privacy protection, performance accelerator and other multifunctional tools which can fix the registry errors, optimize internet speed, maintain your system performance and protect your confidential files. The simple design is very user friendly with clear and detailed navigation. If you are a beginner in using a PC, then this is your tool to maintain your PC faster and better. This application is very useful for your private use and is very fast and simple to manage your system to block Trojans, adwares and other types of malware viruses.

2) Speed it up Free : You have to download and see how amazing this small application is. You will be amazed to see the way it functions with such simple options and interface. The Speed It Up Extreme is an all in one Speed Booster which is designed to increase the speed of your PC and boost the available memory in it. Many users reported up to 300% faster performance when they have used this free software. After using this software, you will definitely find a difference in loading your Games, Music, Video and other system applications faster than ever before. You can find the advanced features like internet cleanup, which allows you to clear your junk files slowing your internet connection. You can find a major difference in your PC performance with this free software.

3) CCleaner : CCleaner is an amazing software which is very well known to many people who maintain their PC’s regularly. This freeware system optimization tool will protect your PC from junk and other unwanted files. Using CCleaner will make your PC run faster like a new brought PC. It can clean traces of your online activities such as cookies, history and other unwanted secret logs. CCleaner has a fully loaded registry cleaner which is super fast and contains NO spyware or Adware in it. This software can clean Browsing History, Recycle Bin, Recent docs, temp files, log files, and etc. It can also clear junk files from other third party applications which use the system resources.

I hope you liked our article, Please let us know if you have any queries on this post top 3 best free system utilities.

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