Best iPhone App to Paint, Sketch 3D Artworks – Autodesk SketchBook Pro

Autodesk has taken the animation industry with various applications for 3-D composition, animation, rendering, match-moving etc. Now Autodesk has new plans in mind, to give the iPhone users an app that can emulate an iPhone to act like a sketchbook. They call it the SketchBook Pro and is and amazing app to create concept sketches. It allows the users to use their iPhone as a sketchbook, it is an affordable, easy to use, natural drawing experience with no getting used to hardships. You can use it to create really quick sketches or print quality production artwork. SketchBook Pro is one of those software’s that brings art closes to real life pictures or stills that I’ve seen so far. The ease of the app is so amazing that it keeps you addicted and brings out the real artist in you.

SketchBook Pro

Below is an example sketch of The Great Legend *Steve Jobs* which was created by one of the staff members of Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro. It doesn’t look like a sketch, does it? I know you must be thinking ” Can an iPhone app really do that?” The answer is simple- Yes. You just had description and a few words from us, now we got you proof about what the SketchBook Pro can do practically.

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SketchBook Pro

Five Awesome things you can do with SketchBook Pro:

1) Bring drawings/sketches to life instantly with interactive mirroring.
2) Draw digitally with the feel of actually using a traditional pen and paper.
3) E-mail sketches to friends and family for instant comments and to boast your artwork.
4) Create patterned effects very easily with customized or standard brushes.
5) Get up and start running as you begin. SketchBook Pro not only allows it’s users to create awesome/realistic sketches,    but also provides intuitive interface that is user friendly and the new users don’t lose themselves on the basic functions of the app. New users can be productive within minutes of laying their hands on the app, yet having the features the experts demand. Quite an app I say.


Here’s a sample video by one of the SketchBook Pro users on iPhone.

Now I know you got lot of questions in your mind as to what the app is actually capable of achieving. So check out few frequently asked questions while using SketchBook Pro.

How Can I Draw a Sketch on My iPhone with SketchBook Pro?

You can simply draw sketches with your fingers, the app detects the pressure points and adjusts the thickness of the paint-brushes as you draw it. You can also get yourself a stylus where the costs vary about 12- 50$. Using a stylus will emulate the use of a digital pen tablet. Anyway its up to you how you want to use it, the outputs will be amazing.

Do I Need to Know Autodesk Software’s Such as Maya or 3Ds Max?

No, you don’t need to know Maya or 3Ds Max, but if you do have previous experience or knowledge about working on the Autodesk Software’s, it is an added advantage since the SketchBook Pro has lot of similar features that the Autodesk products have.

Is SketchBook Pro for professionals or hobbyists?

SketchBook pro is for both professionals to sketch their art on the move or when they don’t have access to their PCs. Its for hobbyists too. Used in both the cases alike.

This is the top iPhone Application for this week. We will give you few best iPhone applications every week. Try to download and use these amazing applications. You can download this application from here. This application is just 1.99$ and worth spending on it. If you a want a free download, you know where to get it. If you have any queries on this SketchBook Pro App, you can always leave a comment below.


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