Top 30 Free Music iPhone, iPad & iPod Apps You Must Have – Popular

When you get an iPhone, iPad or an iPod, you’re inevitably gonna go app hunting. These Top 30 Free iPhone, iPad, iPod Music Apps have been reviewed by many sites. You can observe that most of the Android apps are similar to iPhone apps. But the difference is Android is more flexible when compared to iPhone. Yet, iPhone’s still sell like hot cakes because they have awesome features which still make them stand out. So we’re gonna check out the Top 30 free iPhone music apps. Sure, there are a lot of music apps out there, but quite a lot of them are paid. Here are some free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps that are as good as, if not better than paid apps:

Top 30 Free iPhone, iPad, iPod Music Apps :


1) Pandora Radio : We all love music. How about enjoying great music with your iPad or iPhone with Pandora radio application ? Pandora is a awesome app which has automated radio service. It always chooses the best music according to your interest based on the type of songs you listen and the type of artist you like more. It checks the similarities through different musical characteristics. You can also buy best iphone bluetooth headsets for great music experience. In iPad you can rate the song, Bookmark it and read artists bio and also buy songs from iTunes directly. The app is trusted by millions of users and the app has a awesome interface and inbuilt organizer, and also a virtual endless amount of artists to listen to. You will love to make a playlist on it whenever you have a party or a get together. You can download the application from iTunes for free : Pandora Radio For iPad and iPhone

Free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps

2) Free Music Download : This is a free and a fully featured free music downloader. You can download free and legal music directly to your iPhone and iPad whenever you want. There is a vast number of free music available for you. You will have  a cool bookmark manager and a single tap download option. You can also find a cool download manager through which you can multiple downloads, you can pause, resume or cancel downloading whenever you want. You can view the live download progress in a cool progress bar and also you can find download badges. With the new file manager you can move, rename or delete files by managing all your folders. The best part is its audio player which is simply awesome. You can download this app for free from Free Music Download

Free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps

3) JELL-O Jiggle-It – Have you ever seen a Jell-O dance? That too for your favorite music ? If not, then you have to know about JELL-O jiggle. This app will dance to the beat of your favorite song. You can choose any track from your iTunes library or play music straight from your speakers, and the JELL-O cube will jiggle for you. The app works on new BPM technology to determine the energy of any track and help the cube to break it down, matching the beat of your song. You can even swipe your finger to activate special moves. The cool features are music visualizer, multiple cube selection, song selection from iTunes or mic mode, Passive or active dance experience, 30+ dance moves and share functionality. DRM protected tracks cant be accessed by the jiggle it app. You can download this free app from iTunes : JELL-O Jiggle-It

Free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps

4) Shazam : Most of the times we don’t know the song name which we listen to. There comes a wonderful app called shazam. This app has unlimited tagging. Shazam identifies the song instantly which you want to know. Shazam is the 4th most downloaded app of all time. It has lots of cool features: You can save 90sec preview and listen to it again, buy tracks easily on iTunes, watch videos, concerts and artist clips on YouTube, Share music on social networking sites, Learn the lyrics while listening to the song, Discover new music from shazam community. You can also find out when an artist is on tour and when a new album is being released. You can use it even when you don’t have networks! You can download this app for free from iTunes anytime : Shazam

Free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps

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Top 30 Free Music iPhone, iPad & iPod Apps You Must Have – Popular

5) iHeartRadio : With this app you can create a iHeartRadio account with your Facebook account and sync your favorite songs and also can create custom stations. You can access 800+ stations without the account too. The iHeartRadio is very popular live radio and will give you a all-in-one radio experience by combining with your nations best radio stations. You can experience the single, seamless playback for free. Tune into real broadcast stations from across the country. You can access it anytime and anywhere you want. The best part is, you wont find any commercials on the custom radio through the end of 2011. You can download iHeartRadio from iTunes for free :  iHeartRadio

6) Spotify : Spotify was praised by many high profile users like Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) for granting instant access to millions of tracks. This celestial jukebox is no pipe dream now. You can get this app for free. The app will give you access to million tracks from thousands of albums and artists on your device. To use this app, you need not have to give your credit card details. All you have to do is to just download and start using it. The cool features are: Instant access to over 15 million tracks, Stream online, listen offline which needs no internet connection, share music with friends, star your favorite tracks, wirelessly sync your own MP3 to your device, Create and sync playlists, Send the tracks you listen to direct to & Facebook. You can download this app directly from iTunes for free : Spotify

7) TuneIn Radio : Now you can listen to over 50,000 radio stations including AM/FM local stations on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with TuneIn Radio. With this app you will not only get a list of stations, but also a radio guide that helps you to find the shows and stations that interest you. The best part is you can pause and rewind live radio whenever you want.  The distinctive features of this app are: Play all stations and podcasts in the background on multitasking capable devices, fully controlled audio playback, Stream audio, extensive directory, easy interface, browser local stations with GPS or Wi-Fi, Search for stations by keywords, genre or location, pause live radio for 30minutes, save favorite stations, songs wherever you want, Alarm clock and sleep timer also included. You can get this app from iTunes for free : TuneIn Radio

8 ) Ringtone Maker  :  Create your own ringtones. You can create unlimited number of ringtones with this  ringtone making app. The best features of this app are: control the start time of the song, fade in and fade out. You can save your ringtones much faster and also you can record any sound and make it a ringtone. The app requires iPhone 3GS or later and iOS4. The app doesn’t support .mp4. Where .m4a or .mp3 are well supported. To download this awesome app for free :  Ringtone Maker

9)  VEVO : This app is web’s number one premium music video and entertainment service. You can watch your favorite music, videos wherever you want from you iPhone & iPod Touch. The cool features of Vevo are, Free and high quality music videos, You can access over 45,000 videos from more than 11,000 of your favorite artists, Exclusive video premieres and select live performances. Share videos with friends on Facebook and twitter. But this app is available only in US, Canada and UK. You can download the app from iTunes for Free : VEVO

10) Sound Cloud : With sound cloud app you can record, listen and share your sounds. SoundCloud will allow you to capture your sound and share it privately or publicly on Facebook and Twitter. And you can also use it to check in on Foursquare. You can easily access, browse and listen to the sounds other people share with you. The cool features of SoundCloud are: You can record your sounds on the go and share to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and SoundCloud, Connect easily using Facebook login, Create a username and add a profile picture in the app, Listen to your favorite sounds and comment them via dashboard, Browse and search user profiles and see your followers, record now and upload later, and background playback. You can download the app for free from iTunes :  Sound Cloud

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11) Songify : Have you ever tried to convert your speech into music ? Well if not, then you should check out Songify. This app is free only for a limited time. So get one for yourself as soon as possible. Songify is the real definition of fun. The design is really simple to use and the originality and simplicity of the app really make you fall in love with it. You can transform ordinary speech into song. Songify turns speech into music automatically. Just speak into your device and you can turn that into a song. The app also has a parental control which is simply amazing. You can download the app from iTunes for free : Songify

12) Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD : With this wonderful app, you can learn how to play piano anytime and anywhere. The app is rated as no 1 in free music app category. This version is the lite version of virtuoso piano. The sound quality is really amazing and perfect learn the basics of music or to just have fun.  The amazing features of this app are:  6 octaves of sampled concert grand piano, Robust bass, play along with your music library, Key labels with colors, play chords with up to 5 fingers. Slide your fingers to roll the keys. The best part is, its free for unlimited period. You can download this app for free from iTunes : Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD

13) StarMaker Karaoke with Auto-Tune : This is the only karaoke app with real auto tune feature. You can sing and record over 400 hit songs from famous artists like Adele, JB, Katy Perry and others. You can share your recording using Facebook, Twitter and email. First you can try the free songs with this free app. Later you can join the other artists like Eminem, Pink and etc for a little amount of 25¢ to 75¢ a song. Each song has a complete backing band, scrolling lyrics and removable vocals. Simple record voice and the lead vocal gets replaced by your voice. You can even pick a stage name, create your own StarMaker profile and track how many listeners and stars you have received. You can get access to even classic songs every week with their original arrangements. You can download this awesome free app from iTunes : StarMaker Karaoke with Auto-Tune

14) Lyrics Lite Lyric Find : This app can get you access to  millions of tracks straight from you iPhone or iPod Touch. Now its also available with native iPad support.The cool app has no legal issues in giving you the lyrics. Because, they got licensing from nearly 2000 publishers to offer the lyrics to you legally. The cool features of the app are Search by artist, song name or the lyrics themselves, You can bookmark your favorite lyrics, View artist biographies, photos, and album art, View charts of top lyrics and artists. You can download the app for free in iTunes :  Lyrics Lite ♬ Lyric Find

15) Yahoo Music : Yahoo music radio is a wonderful app powered by This app is available free for iPhone and iPod touch. You can access your favorite yahoo ! and CBS Radio stations. You can connect directly with all you favorite music, news and information no matter where ever you are. The cool features of this app are, we can set a default station for app launch. Add stations to your favorite list for instant access. View your listening history by station and song. You can find artist info and purchase songs. Share stations with your friends using Facebook, twitter and email. Background streaming is another cool (iOS4) and you can download this app from iTunes for free : Yahoo! Music

The Other Free iPhone, iPad, iPod Music Apps :

These are the top 15 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch top rated and most popular apps, I am publishing 15 more apps which are really cool. Just download the apps and share them with your friends.

These are the free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps which i have gathered from different sources. These apps are completely free to download from iTunes. Almost all of the apps are available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Please let me know if you have any queries on the applications. I hope you all will share this top 30 free iPhone, iPad, iPod music apps with your friends.


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