Will Aakash Be Delivered in May 2012 Atleast ? – Expected Shipping Date

Are you here to find out the Aakash Delivery Date ? If so, keep reading.. you will get your answers which were unanswered by Datawind from past 8months. The most awaited $35 aakash tablet is no where to be seen in the market. Its almost 8 months now and still we are waiting for updates eagerly. There is nothing else we can do anything apart from blaming Indian Government and Datawind. Meanwhile there is still no proper news about the release of Aakash tablet. There was just a small information by our Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal saying the Enhanced Version of Aakash Tablet PC to be Launched in May. There have been a lot of controversies revolving around Datawind from January 2012. Recently another news popped up saying, Because of Aakash delay, Datawind has lost 6 to 7 Senior executives. All these senior executives left the company because of improper pay checks and salaries. But Datawind has got a different story to tell. They say we have terminated few people who don’t submit daily reports and work else were.

Are Datawind Employees a Reason to Extend Aakash Delivery Date ??

According to a Datawind employee, We have to beg the company to pay our salaries and  its very clear to know that why we are not getting paid even after Datawind has collected around Rs: 5.7 crores of money from 18,000 customers to produce 400 units a day. But unable to understand why Datawind is not paying the salaries to people who are having a pay check above 20,000 INR. Its a known fact that Indian government has given Datawind a contract of supplying 100,000 tablets. But its really a unknown mystery that why the production is being delayed. Also Datawind has promised to deliver 8,000 tablets a day. Well, seeing few facts, i think its really not possible. Its also a known fact that India has allotted Rs: 765 crore for National Mission of education through ICT under Ministry of human resource and development. Which was planning to give 50 lakh tablets in colleges.

Aakash Tablet PC failed

Is Quad Electronics a Reason to Extend Aakash Delivery Date ??

There might be many reasons for the delay of Aakash tablet. But Datawind always point out their break up with Hyderabad based vendor Quad Electronics. Datawind ended its relationship with Quad in January. According to Datawind, Quad has signed a MOU with IIT Rajasthan and then sold off its inventory in the open market. Datawind was searching for a replacement with Quad to proceed further. According to some people, Datawind has evaluated new manufacturing partners in Noida and Cochin but nothing has been finalized till April 2012. But recently in May 2012, Datawind has tied up with VMC to replace Quad. for making Aakash 2. Datawind had made a commitment to deliver all of the devices by March 2012. But no progress so far in the production and delivery of Aakash tablet.  Meanwhile the customers are getting anxious and flooding the consumer websites with complaints and requests to help them. 90% of the customers complained that toll free number given by Datawind never works. Responding to this query, Datawind said that the number is working fine and since it receives almost 40,000 calls per day, there is often a logjam which results in incomplete calls. Mr. Tule has said that “Any person who has made a deposit, is responded to within 48 hours of receipt of payment and is being provided with a specific phone number to call for queries, instead of the regular toll free number.

No News on Aakash Delivery Date, But Why Two More Tablets Were Released ??

With all these controversies going on, Datawind is still being blamed by many people across India. Also the late delivery and delay of aakash tablet has lost the credibility of Datawind in people. If we keep this issue aside, Datawind has launched two more tablets Ubislate 7+ & 7C. And also they made a statement saying Aakash 2 or Ubislate 7+ will be available with Android 4.0 update. This tablet can be expected to reach the market with six to eight weeks from now. Which would be at in July 2012. And according to Datawind CEO, Mr. Tuli said that the tablet can expect an upgrade by year end and also the processor will be upgraded to dual core cortex A9 if the cost of hardware components reduce. He also said that the Indian govt. has set a budget for getting hold of 5 million units of Aakash 2 this year. And according to recent news, This time  the testing of Aakash 2 has been transferred from IIT-Rajasthan to IIT Bombay, where about 100,000 units will be purchased by the institute for the project. So expecting an upgraded version at the same price and this could make it the cheapest Android 4.0 tablet. Despite of all these updates, Aakash delivery date is still a unanswered question by Indian Govt. and Datawind.

Looking at these things, we can clearly conclude that Delivery of Aakash tablet is not possible in May 2012. It may extend to June or July for sure. If you have booked your Aakash Tablet and are waiting for the delivery, then certainly its not May. You can expect the delivery not before May 2012. If at all the delivery is starting in May, it should have already been started by now. Because this is the second week of May and still there re 30 lakh more pending tablets to send. If you have any queries on Aakash, you can refer to our Aakash Library or leave a comment to know the exact aakash delivery date.

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