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The Amazing Spider-Man which will  release this year is published by Activision.  This game is highly graphic oriented game that is out with much more better gaming engine  compared to the earlier Spidy games by Activision. As the earlier spider man series got a positive response and never flawed the expectations of the devoted fans, surely this will be a challenging task ahead for Activision. Now that most of the villains have been covered in the previous games, this one is strictly going to follow the movie which is set to release this year.

Amazing Spider-Man game

Release Date:

The Amazing Spider-Man Game is an upcoming adventure video game, All set to be released on June 26th 2012 in North America. Its based on the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man film where Sony Entertainment has the rights and not Marvel. Though it would have been lot better if the Amazing Spiderman movie (2012) was a reboot and Marvel had the rights, giving us a better story line and exciting scenes with the allies such as Avengers. Of course it’s been a long time that Spidy has amazed us and kept us captivated for those long hours. So yeah, get ready to experience that Deja-vu again.

Amazing Spider-Man game

What’s in store for us?

The Amazing Spiderman Game is out with an interesting plot. Rhino, Iguana and black cat are the villains in the game, that’s all we know about the game at the moment, Let us assume there are more villains which we do not know of. Rhino, iguana and the black cat are the mean antagonists. The game is set when an Oscorp executive access the research of The Lizard to create more species experiment. They create a serum that link both the species and then test in on Aleskei Sytsevich who becomes Rhino. Oscorp develops droids against humans and they plan to conquer the world. Its now time for Spiderman to stop the Rhino and who ever gets in his way to save the city.

The game has an open world/free roaming concept, where player can swing around and choose challenges and missions. It also has a mode called  WEB RUSH mechanic, when activated while traversing it major points of interest for travel. The combat system is reminiscent of the batman series with a free flow design and counter attack.

Pre-Order Bonuses

The developers have made the game in a different way more grounded and realistic. This game also has pre-order bonuses. Those who pre-order from Amazon will be able to play as the Spider-Man creator Stan lee and those who order from Gamestop with get a bonus challenge featuring Rhino.

Spider man is one of the most favorite games of mine where I spent most of my childhood playing it. 26th may come already!! It seems like 26th June is gonna be my lucky day! My favorite friendly neighborhood Spiderman and also Linkin Park – Living Things, the new album is set to release. It’s going to be one serious day to go on a shopping spree and hit the stores.


The Amazing spider man (2012) will be available for play on various platforms. Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. The game will be available for 59.96$. You can preorder,the game in amazon or in official amazing spider man website. Stay subscribed for more latest updates, Regards – Your friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.

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