Airtel 3G Data Share Plan launched – Share data between 3 devices

The Airtel 3G Data Share Plan launched today, which allows a subscriber to share 3G internet data with upto 2 more Airtel subscribers. The maximum data that can be shared amongst the 3 subscribers is 5 GB. Even though the sharing can happen between both Postpaid and Prepaid customers, it can only be done between subscribers of the same circle. The basic price is actually very affordable too, considering that costs can be shared among the 3 subscribers using the 3G data.

Airtel 3G Data Share Plan

How to get the Airtel 3G Data Share Plan:

There are two ways in which you can start the Airtel 3G Data Share Plan. You can either visit the official Airtel website and register for this service, or simply add subscribers via SMS as given below:

To activate online, visit this link.

To activate via SMS, message “DATA SHARE ADD *Mobile number*” to 121.

It’s worth noting that once this shared limit has been crossed before 30 days, everyone in the pack can still continue to access unlimited data, but at reduced maximum speeds of 80 kbps, not a bad deal at all.

This is a great deal not only for sharing data between friends and family members, but for people who own a smartphone as well as a tablet with a SIM card slot, or for people with multiple smartphones. In fact, a lot of business executives carry more than one phone and this can save on data costs. It’s similar to the shared connection from Reliance, but this applies only to 3G data and not call charges.

The person who actually fills in the 1000 rupees is termed the “data boss” and anyone who recharges subsequently can become one. Check out the illustration below for more details:

Airtel 3G Data Share Plan - Illustration

So do let us know what you think of the Airtel 3G Data Share Plan, is it actually useful or just another way to get more money from customers? Drop us a line and let us know!


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