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A digital traffic agent, Traffline is an app that allows commuters to make themselves aware of traffic conditions in their city 24 hours a day. This real-time traffic map displays color-coded lines indicating slow, fast moving traffic and congestion with details of jams, alternate routes and road accidents and available on the mobile app and website. A helpline and an active Twitter presence are available for those who are not comfortable using a map interface.

Traffline app

The master minds, Ravi Khemani and Brijraj Vaghani, behind this excellent app are two Mumbai-based entrepreneurs. They built a real-time traffic info service to help urban commuters in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, avoid traffic jams. The app is now available for iOS, Blackberry and Android users.

The sparking idea came across after observing that Indians were habituated to observe traffic information before planning a travel. The duo set up Birds Eye Technology with the common goal of creating ‘Intelligent Transportation System’ in India.

Traffline works with the help of an active Twitter presence, support from city traffic cops and a helpline. Taxis and public transport vehicles with GPS installed also help in the mission. Event related and accident information is gathered by people on the field and Twitter Traffline followers who voluntarily report information.

Traffline app for indian cities

Color coded lines mark the data being provided with each color representing different traffic speeds. Traffic congestion is shown in red, slow moving traffic is represented by pink, moderate traffic speed is noted in blue and smooth running traffic is represented by green color.

The user base is over 300,000 and the app has hit over 40,000 downloads. Information can be gathered through and the mobile website A call centre is also functioning keeping in mind the internet fluctuation in the country. This is useful for people without net access to find information about the traffic. Call up the Traffline helpline number 9223111000 and enquire about the best route to take.

Commuters can report about accidents, stalled vehicles and processions on various routes and get points for contributing accurate information. The registered users have an opportunity to redeem the points later through various schemes. The app also offers quick access to traffic police’s helpline. Users can share their location with friends on social media or the instant messengers for help via the Traffline app.

Traffline app founder

According to Brijraj Vaghani, the founder of the start-up, Traffline aims at helping motorists save time which is usually wasted in traffic jams. Users can look up information like estimated travel time between locations, vehicular movement in the area, best route available and call centre for help. The information is provided in the form of a map, text and audio. Push notifications can also be received with real-time updates everytime there are problems on your route. Users need not remain online to receive messages as the app sends out ‘push’ notification or messages to the user’s phone directly updating traffic status.

You can download this app on Apple App Store, Google Play and Blackberry World. For more info, you can visit the official website of

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