Smarty Ring – The New Generation Accessory for Your Phone

Have something on your fingertips right now? Whether you have something on your finger tips or not you can definitely have one cool new gadget on your finger. Yes, after the innovative update from ZTE about their smart watches, it’s now time to welcome the all new trendy looking smart ring. The wearable technology idea is being really pushed to the limit with this new accessory. Ever thought you could check calls on your ring? Guess not! The coolest part about the smarty ring is that no one will notice it! Acting as a timer, watch and phone finder the device has allured many people even before the release.

Smarty Ring - The New Generation Accessory for Your Phone

Our very own Chennai based makers are ready to bring in these smart rings. You can check alerts and manage calls with the Bluetooth enabled ring. An app on your smart phone will help you manage all the functions in the ring, from adjusting the alert beep sound to configuring the alerts you wish to receive. You can also manage the playback songs on your smart phone through the little piece of wonder.

The gadget updates you about every possible incoming call, outgoing call, text, email, and other notifications. The ring will become your best friend by acting as your phone finder. Walk 30 meters away from the phone and the ring will beep and alert you about your device.

Smarty Ring - The New Generation Accessory for Your Phone 2

Facebook, Hangout, Skype and Twitter updates will be delivered on your smarty ring, as well. Accompanied by a wireless charger the smarty ring gives an opportunity to charge your compatible smart phone along with it. No hassle of connecting your phone to the charger anymore! Just place them on the panel and leave it on to charge. The charger looks super cool as seen in the pictures. Delivering 24 hours of battery life, the ring is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 capable Android and iOS devices.

Smarty Ring - The New Generation Accessory for Your Phone 3

Find your phone even in the crowd as your ring will alert the phone even in silent mode. You can prevent theft and loss of your phone in the same way. It is a tech jewelry piece with high quality stainless steel and the best part is that it’s waterproof. The model is made for both men and women, and shouldn’t cause any skin allergies. Designed for the best performance in both day and night, the LED display ring is the best tech companion one could own. The ring is expected to release if the Indiegogo campaign collects $40,000 within the expected time. Hats off to the great new idea, hope it works!

Smarty Ring - The New Generation Accessory for Your Phone 4


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