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Top 15 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 7

The moment we talk about an antivirus, we think about Kaspersky, BitDefender and few other paid antiviruses. But most of these paid antiviruses are really expensive and come with an annual subscription. So how to protect your data without buying these costly antiviruses? Just take a look

How to Create Windows XP Live Recovery disc

What do you do if your PC completely crashes? Reinstall Windows? Instead, here’s a way to create a live bootable Windows XP disc, it takes only about 15 minutes! A live disc is a disc that contains an operating system that can be directly run without installation

Dual Boot Problems With Windows 7 and Xp

Why do we always face problems when we install dual operating systems in our PC or Laptop? The Problem is with operating system or with our PC? This is a common problem with all users who have a dual operating systems in there PC. Remember one thing

Boost Windows 7 Like Never Before

This Tutorial is to speed up your windows 7 with very easy steps and the best thing is that it has been tested and its working awesome. I will guide you through simple steps which you can apply easily. 1. Open start menu and type MSCONFIG in
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