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Google I/O 2013 Recap: Day One – Latest updates

So it’s finally here, one of the most anticipated tech conferences of the year. Comprising entirely of Google launches and announcements, I/O always has something great in store for both consumers and developers. This time around, the opening keynote was very developer focused and the updates to

Best universal IM clients – Top 3 for Windows

Almost every person on the internet uses some or the other instant messaging protocol. But since pretty much every email service has its own IM service and everyone uses different ones, it can get difficult to stay in touch with everyone. Installing different clients for Google Talk,

Best Android Browsers – Free, Fast and Secure

Android is the smartphone operating system of choice these days. With the lion’s share of the mobile OS market, it’s no wonder that Android apps are the most searched for. Speaking of which, there are some absolutely necessary apps, and an internet browser is one of them.
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