Top 5 Browsers with Maximum Security and Safety

Can you imagine a day without the Internet? We depend a lot on Internet for every simple thing. May it be buying something, or talking to friends. We are quite addicted to it. And no matter what ever you wanted to browse in Internet, you should  have a browser. We all forget a basic point of using a good browser to keep our browsing experience fast, flexible and simple. The most important part we all expect from any browser is its security and privacy. You should give more importance to a browser, which will promise you a safe and secure browsing. There are many good browsers like Maxthon, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Etc. Each of these browsers has got their own features, addons and extensions. Apart from this good benefits, we need to also face the some issues like, most of the browsers crash often. Solution to that, we have already written about the Top 5 Browsers which never crash.

Top 5 Browsers

The first thing you have to look in any browser is, whether the browser is ensuring enough security to your computer or not. This means, whether the browser is preventing hackers to send harmful executable (.exe) codes to your machine. We usually give a lot of attention to our privacy. We just think put a password in our computer, and its done. Well, that is not at all the privacy and security you should be consider when browsing Internet. There are a lot of other things which has to be considered. You should give more time and importance to your online security and privacy. Just a little bit of installations in your browser, and its safe now. Because we never know who is peeping in our computer. Some websites will look over in your computer and track all your personal data. The only thing which can save you is a secure browser.

There are many browsers out there in Internet. But the most important factor you should take care is, whether the browsing is using firewalls, suggesting strong passwords, alerting to be safe when opening emails from unknown sender, and etc. But we dont have enough patience to check all these things in a browser. So its the browser responsibility to protect the user privacy. By giving the user more choice to determine the level of anonymity they wants to spend time online.

Top 5 Browsers: Security and Privacy?

When we talk about a browser security, the first thing we have to notice is SandBoxing. Not all the browsers will have this technology of using Sandboxed Processes. Usually WebKit browsers use this technology. On the architectural level of a browser, almost all the browsers will follow same type of rending and methodologies.

And coming to the privacy again, The user should make sure that their browsers are not exposing history and data stored in your browser. For example, when we come across privacy factor in Maxthon Browser, they have Maxthon’s Boss Key, Tab lock feature, Restore tabs and etc for privacy.

And as discussed above, today we will discuss few important addons and extensions in various browsers. These addons will keep you safe and secure throughout your browsing sessions. You might not worry much about the security of browsers, but surely you will consider privacy of your data and usage.

You may find common features in most of the browsers. But this doesn’t mean that your browser doesn’t have the capability of providing you a private browsing. You can add amazing security and privacy to your browser. There are many addons available in each of the browser you use. Let’s discuss them about in detail and get some brief idea. So here we go,

Top 5 Browsers with Maximum Security and Privacy:

5) Internet Explorer:

Stats say that, Internet explorer market share is almost 30% now. People still use Internet Explorer 7 and never update it. Well, even IE has got some amazing addons and extensions. If you want to keep an eye on browser cookies, then install CT Cookie Spy addon.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you can install Tracking Protection lists addon for privacy. This addon will allow you to select few options to keep your browsing safe and secure. And finally, if you want IE to be more secure, you can install the Bing Toolbar addon. This will protect the web services requested by you in secure way.

4) Chrome:

There is a lot of negative publicity to Google Chrome  regarding the privacy and security of a user. Well, rumors are rumors, never mind. Coming to Google Chrome, you can strength of your  mailing, banking and other services passwords, by just installing a extension called Password Secure Tester.  When installed, you can find a small icon at the end of address bar. As long as you are using this extension, you can find a password strength estimator, whenever you type a password somewhere. It shows you the exact number of days used to crack that password. It ranges from  one minute to quadragintillion year. Similar to this, there is another extension called the Safer Chrome. This extension will keep your banking, eshopping services neat and clean. It will give warnings to insecure password transmissions.

top 5 browsers

Password Secure Tester

If you want to hide all the tabs of your browser, you can install Panic Button extension. This extension will allow you to hide all your tabs instantly. When installed, it will create a button at the end of address bar. You can click on it to hide the tabs and re click on it to show them back.

If you want to clear all browsing history, cookies, download history, temporary files, flash cookies with a single click, then install Click and Clean. This extension also contains other advanced tools like, Screen capture, Full screen, task manager and etc. You can also delete the junk in your PC.

3) Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is the big daddy of all the browsers out there. It has thousands of addons and scripts, which will keep you protected and safe. Usually when we mistakenly close a tab in our browser, we struggle to get it back again. Most of the browsers won’t provide a direct undo button to reopen a close tab. Unluckily Mozilla Firefox is one among them.  But you can get back the tab in Firefox, which you closed recently. For that you need to go to History (Ctrl + H) and click on Recently Closed Tab. This will show you the list of recently closed tabs, and also the completely history which you browsed in your previous sessions. All the closed tabs and browsed data will be stored here. So you can come back any time and check the log.

top 5 browsers

If you want your data to be private and should be open to all, you can install a addon called Close n Forget. This addon will make sure that no one else can open your tabs and see browsing data. When installed, you have to restart you browser to take the changes and right click on the tab to select, Close and Erase Cookies for the current site. This will make sure that the history is not shown anywhere else. Which means, when ever you close a tab, there will no history or cookies related to it. You can use the shortcut button provided by the addon. Else can also use Ctrl + W. once used this, you cannot see the lastly closed tab anywhere.

If you don’t want to open any un-trusted site or malware sites, you can use the WOT service. As soon as you install this addon, it will show you a status symbol near to address bar. This status symbol can be set into Basic, Light and Parental Control. Depending on your requirement, you can select any feature. You can also put a parental lock to restrict some sites to be opened.

You can also hide your browsing history, for that you need to install a addon called, Better Privacy. This addon when installed will get into the tools menu and provide you with LSO manager and other options to set you browsing history to be anonymous.

And Tab Renamizer is another amazing addon, which will allow you to rename your tabs. This is very useful when you want your tabs not to be noticed. You can rename any tab, any number of times. Just right click on any tab and click on Rename this tab. Once done, press enter. Now you can see your tab changing to the name you wanted.

2) Maxthon:

Maxthon Browser is a leading browser with HTML 5 support. When compared to all other browsers, Maxthon is unique and revolutionary. Maxthon 3 will support a Do Not Track service, which is the first browser in China to support Do Not Track and they are working diligently to enable the same suite in Maxthon Android, Handset and interactive TV browsers. This means, no matter what ever you browse in your Maxthon 3 browser, they will not be tracked or checked by the team. This means, you got more security and privacy to protect the data and transactions form your browser. No need of any addons, extensions, plugins.

Top 5 Browsers

Also, Maxthon has a amazing Maxthon Passport feature, which will allow the users to login to their browsers, just like you are logging any website. (eg: Checking emails and etc) This gives more privacy and security to your data. Also, Maxthon Supports many additional features to keep your browsing experience Fast, Simple and Clean. If you hate installing addons and extensions in your browser, then try Maxthon 3. Apart from this, Maxthon has introduced Sandboxing tabs in the year 2006. After 2 years, Google Chrome was launched as a full fledge browser. Maxthon can isolate untrusted data from the rest of the operating system. It has a Sandbox HTML rendering and Javascript. Maxthon also adds additional protection in the WebKit Kernel we use, which is nothing but the Rendering engine.

1) Opera:

Opera also has somewhat similar to Maxthon Do not Track service. Even they say Opera does not track their users data and transactions. It is usually well known for its super fast browsing experience. Let’s see what privacy and security features it has to offer. If you want to set a tough password for any account, you can install Better Password Generator extension. This will create a small button at the end of address bar, when clicked it will show you a list of characters to decide how your password should be. You can include, Letters, Numbers, Special characters and etc. When done, click on Generate and your password is ready.

Top 5 Browsers

Tab Vault is another good extension, this will allow you to keep your tabs in a separate vault, you can save all your Web Pages separately, instead of using them in a tab bar. You have to just open the Tab Vault button at the end of address bar, and click on Save Tab to store the web page. There are many other options to store your tabs. You can also trash them whenever you want.

If you want to avoid duplication of tabs, you can install No Dupes extension. This will make sure, no two tabs are sharing the same page.

And finally, if you want to view how many web services have been opened in your browser tab, you can install Tab Counter. This will show you the number of tabs and services opened currently.

Most of these security options apply for Mobile Browsers, Specially Android Browsers are more secure and safe. So what are you waiting for? Choose your best browser and keep your data protected. Please drop us a line on what you think on this article.  If you have any queries on these top 5 browsers with maximum security and safety, do let us know!

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