Top 30 Popular Free Android Games – Must Have

Hi everyone, Our previous post Top 15 Free Android Apps You Must Have is our one of the best article so far. Many people are looking for a straight away information in Google and Yahoo search for android apps and games.  But they never get a straight and a correct information always. So we made the article very simple and informative in our previous post  Free Android Games Recently many people have asked to write about the top android games. So we have been researching on them from past few days. I got the best list of android games for you guys. Just download them and enjoy. Our main aim in this post is to provide a free android apps for all our readers. So here goes the list of most famous and must have best android games which are completely free. All these top 30 android games are rated in android market and other sources.

Must Have Best Free Android Games :

1) Paradise Island : This is really fun oriented free stimulation game for the people who love sea, sun and beaches. You can build your own sunny island of your wish. The game allows you to run your own business and attract rich tourists. In this game you can create your own empire. You can build Casino’s, Hotel’s, Entertainment center’s, Restaurant’s and Disco’s to entertain tourists. You can create your own resort and manage it accordingly. The rich graphics are very beautiful and be careful since its a extremely addictive game. I bet you will love this game and its gameplay. Click here to download the App from android market : Download

2) Angry Bird Rio : This is a very popular game loved by millions of users world wide. In this game you can destroy the greedy pigs fortresses! Angry Bird Rio is a extension of its original game Angry bird. Here in this story mode, the other angry birds are caged and are shipped to Rio.They get very angry with this and want to take revenge on the pigs. You can find two friends Blu and Jewel fighting for there friends to set them free.The excellent game play will give a real film experience to the user.There are a total of 60 levels with hidden fruits and exciting gifts. You will love the game when you find the smugglers and take them out. You can download the app from android market : Download

3) Yoo Ninja! FREE : Be careful while playing this game in you android. Because this is very addictive game which never ends. This fast paced gravity game is very famous and liked by many gamers. The game must be playing by jumping up and down to avoid obstacles. Maintain constant speed and accuracy. This one touch arcade games is very simple.You can find a story mode with 34 different levels. You can also find the endless mode, where you can play for days. There are 4 different worlds and the ending of the story mode is excellent. You can download the app from android market : Download

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4) Paper Toss : A very famous game before when its launched in android. This is most awaiting game by android users who wanted to have fun with a office environment. Guess so many people have played this game already in there office. I mean playing with a piece of paper and throwing it here and there to pass time. Most of us target a empty basket or a dustbin to throw a piece of paper made into a ball shaped. This game is some what similar to that kind of stuff. The game is very realistic and fun. The graphics are really awesome and you can play the game in 6 different levels. The most fun part is, you can hear all sounds which are made in a office and also co-workers shouting at you. Don’t miss this game if you really want some office fun. You can download the app from android market : Download

5) Bubble Blast 2 : Bubble blast is a game where there is a start but no end. you can play the games for ages. This game is a puzzle game in which we have to blast bubbles to trigger in a chain reaction to eliminate them. The game offers two modes. One is arcade and another is puzzle mode. There are around 3500 levels where the scores are being provided by Score loop.You can download the app from android market : Download

6) World War™ : This is a massive Multiplayer online game which is played by millions of people everyday. In this game we run with a good story mode of 2012 nuclear war which will create history and 5 countries will merge to become a massive force with superpowers in this war. You can battle with other players live. You can found millions of people playing the game online. Around 2.8millions of player will be active every time when you login.You can download the app from android market : Download

7) Slice It! ® : This  award winning game is really awesome to play.This is a silver award winning pocket game. The game is a brain game which have very good levels of puzzles and once you slice it, you cant stop it. We have to slice a piece of area into same dimensions. This puzzle game is very interesting and very addictive. It has over 180 different stages and available in different language.  You can download the app from android market : Download

8 ) Live Holdem Poker Pro : If you want to play poker with millions of people online, then this is the best app for you. You can join the android network to play with millions of real people like Pro’s,  Semi-Pro’s, and Beginners. You can join the no : 1 Texas Hold’em community on the Android Network and play with millions from Facebook and Google android.You can get 12K free chips and 1000 Diamonds on registration + 5000 chips for free every day.Also you can use personal avatars and there is live chat included. You can enter the shootout tournament mode and have awesome challenges. You can download the app from android market : Download

9) Jewels : How can anyone miss this wonderful game ? Jewels is very simple game, but quite polished and fun match 3 puzzle game.The game is very addictive. I sit hours playing this game. You can complete with players all over the world. Global, cross-platform leader boards and many more. The graphics are really neat and clean, the game is very smooth.The game has four different modes, Normal, Timed, Quick and Infinite and also the game is available for iphone. You can download the app from android market : Download

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10) Mouse Trap : This simple puzzle game is very addictive and very interesting. All you have to do is to find the way out of a mouse which is trapped. You can do it by sliding the blocks out of the mouse way and unblock each of the maze. You can unlock bonuses and gain coins as the game progresses. With the gain coins you can unlock various level packs and hidden features in the game bonus store. There are 1200 levels which require excess amount of patience, skill and logic. If you have that then take out the mouse from the maze 1200 times. You can find some challenging puzzles and bonus level which are really lot of fun.You can download the app from android market : Download

12) Alchemy : This game is very famous and loved by million of people today. The game is very simple and straight. You have four basic elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air. All you have do is to combine them and there products to get new elements around 200 and more. You can create many things like Life, Beer, Vampires and etc.There are total 370 elements. So try the game once if you really love to pass your time.You can download the app from android market : Download

13) Tank Hero : Tank hero is a well known game. This game provides a fast paced 3D action on your android. You can battle through different arenas and become a Tank Hero.There are a lot of cunning enemies in you way so take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. The OpenGL 3D graphics are really awesome and you have 80 levels with two environments. There are two modes of gameplay, one is campaign and other is survival mode. You can choose 5 types of weapons and AI tanks. You can also find Multi Touch and Trackball control schemes 🙂 You can download the app from android market : Download

14) iMobsters™ : This Massively Mafia Multiplayer game connects you to over two millions of players. You will start you career as a small thief and will grow to a Mafia Don by bringing others into you mob. You can fight with others in the mobsters online with Multiplayer mode. Millions of mafia players are online now. Just go and give it a try. The best part is you can fight them LIVE! You can download the app from android market : Download

15) Robo Defense FREE : In this game you will experience ultimate portable defense system. The graphics are really good and you can find many good maps, achievements and upgrades in the game. You can play with 1 map and eleven different levels. The full game is also available with all maps and upgrades. I would say just give it a try. If you are impressed you can buy a Pro version.You can find the upgrade option in the game itself. Just complete the free version for a basic experience. You can download the app from android market : Download

These are the top 15 popular android games so far. Just download the apps from Android Market and have fun. I will upload 15 more popular games below. Just take a look at it.

Few Other Free Popular Android Games :

  1. Restaurant Story™
  2. Gun Bros
  3. Words With Friends Free
  4. Drag Racing
  5. Fruit Slice
  6. Chess Free
  7. Air Control Lite
  8. Bonsai Blast
  9. NinJump
  10. Mega Jump
  11. Solitaire
  12. X Construction Lite
  13. PapiJump
  14. Mahjong
  15. Labyrinth Lite

So total of 25 top class popular android games which you cant miss. And the best part is all of them are completely free of cost. Just download them and have fun with your android. Please leave a comment below if you like any other game apart from this list.

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