Most Downloaded Free Apps from Android Market – Top 50 Downloaded Apps

There are a lot of sites which talk about the most downloaded free android apps. But the ultimate source of getting most downloaded free android apps list is from the android market. We will give you an amazing list of most downloaded free android apps. We have collected these apps very patiently from the android market for you guys. This list is really big and trust me, you will love it. You will get every thing you needed for your android phone. Right from gaming to business apps and also other important apps like top music players, social media applications and etc. Check out this most downloaded free android apps list for more details. All the links are connected to android market for your convenience. You can also check out the number of downloads registered for that app beside the app name. Remember that all these apps are completely free. So you might miss some paid apps which are most downloaded in the market. Which we will update you very soon with an another android article.

Most Downloaded Free Android Apps From Android Market

1) Facebook for Android (2,218,119) : This is the worlds best android app which has registered over 2,218,119 downloads so far. Facebook for Android stands in the first place of our list today. With this app, you can share and stay connected with you family and friends. You can upload a photo, update statuses, comment on friends posts and walls, look up a phone number and many more from your android device.

2) Google Maps (1,555,457) : No surprise to see that Google maps got these many hits. This wonderful android app will never make you to carry a paper map with you again. You can get Google maps with navigation, places and latitude. You can also find rate and recommend places to others. Google maps have got around 1,555,457 downloads so far.

3) MP3 Music Download Pro – V7 (1,159,772) : This app will let you search and download free music and lyrics with album cover to your sd card. You can play, delete and set as ringtone notification. The multi-thread option will allow you to download 3 songs at a time. You have to be careful while finding this app. because there is a virus related app with same name in the market. We have provided you the official link. So, there is nothing to worry about.

4) Tiny Flashlight + LED (781,530) : An amazing app which is very useful for using your phone flashlight. This simple app will activate and deactivate the flashlight of your device which is embedded to you phone camera. This app will use your device’s camera LED light as a torch and is very useful most of the times. This is the best app in the market so far, when compared to other flash light applications. You can select different widgets from this app and also it has a great and diverse screen light which also includes a color light.

5) KakaoTalk Mes​sen​ger (729,757) : Who doesn’t like to chat with their friends ? Specially when its completely free from you android device. This app is picked as Google android market top in the category of free communication apps and also lies in the top 5th place of the top most downloaded apps in all categories. The stable service is currently supporting 32 million users and you can also group chat with unlimited number of friends. The best part is, you can add friends with their IDs along with their phone numbers.

6) Pandora® Internet Radio (679,099) : This is a personalized radio service app which streams music on your phone. This is a free personalized radio where you can start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers. Pandora will create a station that plays the music of your choice and if you are a Pandora user, you can just login and enjoy your stations no matter where ever you are.

7) Bubble Blast 2 (541,596) : This game is really addictive and you will never know where to end the game. In this amazing puzzle game you have to burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them. There are 2 game modes with over 8500 levels and also an arcade mode to play freely. You can expect more updates from the official developers and also give a try to their newest free games. This game is currently ranked no 1 in the game categories.

8 ) Adobe Flash Player 11 (474,664) : Without adobe flash player, you cannot complete your browsing experience. This app will give you full access to all your web related favorites like videos, games and apps. You can experience the same rich web content experience like a desktop PC from your android mobile device. The uncompromising browsing experience will never let you to watch empty boxes on web pages.

9) Mouse(459,785) : Mouse is a simple and a addictive puzzle game where you have to help a mouse to escape the laboratory. You have to find a way out of the trap and also find the exit in maze. The unlockable bonuses and gaining coins will make you play the game longer and keep alive in the game. There are over 2100 levels which requires logical thinking and skill with enough patience to get the mouse of the trap. Its suggested to update the game regularly to keep a track of latest levels and mazes.

10) Tap Fish (432,087) : Tap Fish is a popular game which allows you to own multiple aquariums. In this game, you can decide what fish to grow and what fish to sell, breed in your aquariums. You can raise beautiful fishes and see them grow in your tank. You can decorate your tanks with tropical plants and sea reefs. Also, you should clean your tanks and keep them clean to keep your fishes healthy. You can breed different fishes and sell them for extra profits. You can find hundreds of exotic marine life like whales, sharks and etc. You can level up to 80 tanks and 80 levels.

11) WhatsApp Messenger (425,558) : You no longer need a SMS service if you are using this amazing app. This smartphone messenger is available for all types of phones and operating systems. This app will use your 3G or WiFi to message your friends and family. You can blindly shift to this app, if you want to send and receive message, photos, audio notes and video messages in any part of the world. Note that the first year will be free to use and from the next year, you have to pay $1.99/year.

12) YouTube (413,046) : This would very silly to tell you people about YouTube app. Every one in this globe knows about YouTube if you are watching videos online. This new official release of YouTube is really impressing and designed with beautiful new UI design. You can read comments while playing a video with the in-page playback technology. You can have your own personalized home screen video feed and a brand new player controls.

most downloaded free android apps

13) Angry Birds Seasons (390,280) : The previous version of Angry Birds has registered over 977,465 downloads and now its time for its another app called the Angry Birds Seasons: Wreck the Halls! This is the most amazing game of the year, You should use your best puzzle skills on the angry birds holiday calender. There are over 25 new festive levels featuring gingerbread cookies , bells, lights, candy canes and etc. You we will be very excited to play all the levels in the season. and there is another release called Angry Birds Rio which has registered over 388,812 downloads so far.

14) Talking Tom Cat Free (370,412) : The talking tom app is pretty famous and almost everyone is familiar with this pet cat. Tom is a pet cat which responds to your touch and repeats everything you say. Tom has a funny voice which responds amazingly to what ever you say. You can pet him, poke him and can even grab his tail. You can even record your own videos of tom and share them on YouTube and Facebook. Or even can send them via email/MMS or save them to your SD card.

15) Live Holdem Poker Pro (367,932) : Do you love playing poker ? If so, this is the first app you must install in your phone. This app is the worlds #1 poker game on the android network which connects millions of players every day. You can find pros and beginners at any point of the game. You will have access to live chat, personal avatars, shootout tournament mode, rign games, free daily gold and lottery draw, etc. You can send 200+ virtual goods to people on tables. You can connect with Facebook and save the game to your SD card.

16) Advanced Task Killer (354,374) : We usually open many apps at a time and forget closing them at right time. Some of the apps wont function well and they cant be removed of stopped unless you reinstall or uninstall it. This is the app for all those people who want to end the task of their app when requested. You can use the amazing features like Ignore List, One tap widget and Auto kill options to keep your phone neat and clear. You can use this app to kill apps and to clean the phone memory.

17) Bible (321,884) : The holy bible is the most downloaded bible with over 150 versions where you can read or listen the whole bible for completely free. This is rated as #1 and you can find 150+ translations and almost 200 bible reading plans to help you keep track of the progress. You can even connect to Facebook and twitter to share your favorite bible verses and bookmark them for later use.

18) Skype – free video calling (314,515) : The official Skype app which allows you to make free Skype-to-Skype video calls. You can make free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype. Even if they are not on an Android, iPhone, Mac or a PC, you can still make calls with them when ever you want. You can make low cost calls and Send SMS to mobiles from your android. You can send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts and enjoy the high quality sound when you call anyone on Skype.

19) Wordfeud FREE (301,341) : Wordfeud is a fun multiplayer word game which will decide the winner on the highest scoring words. You can play this game against 8 million opponents and this is a cross platform multiplayer puzzle game. You can challenge friends and random opponents and play up to 30 separate games simultaneously. You can create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile board and earn points for creativity and placing letters. You can also chat with your opponents and use different language dictionaries

20) Bunny Shooter – Best Free Game (300,003) : This free game is really amazing when it comes to shooter games category. This is a physics game which is a good puzzle game. You can train your brain skills with a lot of action and funny animations. Just touch the bow, and shoot some arrows on those pink rabbits. You can have play over amazing number of levels and over 3 worlds. You can use bomb arrow, ball arrow, normal arrow to get into action.The new, exciting puzzles will never feel the game is boring.

These are the most downloaded free android apps which are registered above 3laks times. There are 28 more apps which we promised to publish in the post. These remaining apps will be posted without any description. Since we have already posted most of them in our previous articles, we are just giving the app link, number of downloads and a one line description. This will save your time and give access to more android apps.

21) Dolphin Browser® HD (297,675) : This app is fastest, easiest and fun mobile web browser.

22) TweetCaster for Twitter (278,091) : The number #1 twitter app for android users.

23) Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers (267,965) : Get Free wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds.

24) Lookout Security & Antivirus (262,240) : Protect your phone with this Award winning antivirus.

25) GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas (262,948) : Helps you to find cheap gas in your area.

26) Shazam (252,685) : Can identify a song by listening to it.

27) Horoscope (239,958) : Check your daily horoscope.

28) Movies (231,934) : #1 app for movies, trailers and showtimes.

29) Brightest Flashlight Free™  (229,518) : The free brightest flashlight.

30) Gmail (226,161) : The gmail chat client to chat with your friends and family.

31) Slice It! (217,463) : An award winning mind puzzle game.

32) Ant Smasher the Best Free Game (212,143) : Smash all the ants you can.

33) Drag Racing (205,821) : Most addictive racing game with over 50+ cars.

34) ASTRO File Manager (198,656) : Organize your pictures, movies & other files.

35) Opera Mini web browser (191,081) : Fastest mobile browser to save your money.

36) Street View on Google Maps (190,705) : Explore the world at street level.

37) Alchemy (182,307) : Create whatever you want from 4 basic elements.

38) Antivirus Free (181,918) : Free anti virus for your android device.

39) Wallpapers HD (173,865) : Get the best High Definition wallpapers.

40) Real BlackJack (171,672) : Learn basic strategy from this educational game.

41) Inotia3: Children of Carnia(170,610) : Protect your loved ones in carnia.

42) GO SMS Pro (151,768) : Super Fast and convenient SMS/MMS Service.

43) Google Translate (151,583) : Translate text between 60 different languages.

44) TuneIn Radio (135,043) : Browse and listen to live radio.

45) My Country (135,612) : Develop a city under your influence.

46) PowerAMP Music Player (Trial) (133,488) : Power Music Player for android.

46) ES File Explorer (131,835) : Featured File manager / App manager.

47) Air Control Lite (127,672) : Control the air traffic and help air craft to land safely.

49) Yoo Ninja! Free (125,030) : Simple and fun one touch arcade game.

50) Restaurant Story™ (115,473) : Design unique restaurants with your friends.

The number of downloads registered up here may differ with what you might see in the android market. These are the most downloaded free android apps. I hope all these Top 50 Downloaded Apps will make your search a bit easy to get the best apps in the world. If you have any query on this article, please let us know via comments and mails. Hope you liked this huge list of most downloaded free android apps.

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