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More and more Android apps are hitting Android marketplace all the time. These new free and premium apps can often be more than disappointing, but many new apps are absolutely amazing! Some of the free apps are quite often even better than their paid counterparts. Just from reading descriptions of these free Android apps, it can often be impossible to tell if the app is truly high quality or not. Often the description of a new Android app makes it sound lit a top notch, must have app even if it isn’t.  Today i want to write about top 6 free unknown android apps which you have not heard of. We mostly trust to download the official apps as much as we can.

Top 6 Free Unknown Android Apps

Top 6 Free Unknown Android Apps You Haven’t Heard Of :

The following top 6 free unknown android apps are some of the newer free apps hitting the market. These great apps are so new, there is a very good chance you haven’t heard of them yet. As they are also great apps, there is also a very good chance that you should try them now.

1) Sparkle Share

This is one of the most exciting new Android apps. Cloud computing is getting bigger and bigger, and this app lets you get in on the cloud by letting you set up your own cloud. Sponsored by, an open source site, you will be able to upload and download files in your personal cloud via your Android device.

2) Jeannie

Those silly iPhone people have Siri, but now, you can have Jeannie on your Android. She is your personal assistant, letting you use speech commands to control your phone with this free Android app. You can also use Jeannie to use your voice to send texts and emails, set alarms and dial your friends and family from your contact list.

3) QR-GPS Plugin.

QR codes are becoming big deals, and they are showing up everywhere, including on invitations and written directions. One scan of these QR codes, and people know exactly where to go. This app is on the forefront of this new technology, as it is a free Android app that lets you create your own QR codes. It lets you make a QR code for your current location using your Android’s GPS services. The only downside is that you can’t make a QR code for a destination other than where you currently are.

4) Easy MP3 Downloader

Using public search engines and scouring the public domain, this app assists you in downloading music to your Android. This new app has been getting mostly great reviews from the folks who have been using it to search, edit, download and share music via this free Android app.

5) PicsArt – Photo Studio

This powerful free Android app is an all-in-one photo editing app. This app combines the top features of many photo apps into one, making it one of the best, most complete free Android photo editors. It comes with a lot of filters and effects, frames, clipart and editing tools. You can also share your photos directly from PicsArt on several social media networks including Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and more.

6) Defender

This free Android game has been getting great reviews, and has been praised for being fun yet difficult. This is a freemium app, meaning that there are available in app purchases, but many players have had no problem playing and advancing without shelling out additional money. This medieval themed game has you defending your castle against wave after wave of monster intruders. It sounds fun, and it is definitely worth a try.

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