Top 50 Free iPhone/iPad Games – Most Downloaded Apps

Many people assume that there are no free games in Apple iTunes store. Well, this is not completely true, if you have a little patience to search the iTunes store, you may get a lot of applications and games which are completely free. We have searched around to get you the Top 50 iPhone and iPad games. These are the Top 50 most downloaded apps on the store. After the launch of iOS 6 and New Macbook Pro, the Apple market is expecting a huge growth in India. And to further increase that growth, Apple has to release more free apps and games which suit the Indian environment. We have found thousands of free applications and games while researching these most downloaded iPhone games. To our surprise, most of them were downloaded over 15million times.

Because of these free apps and games Apple has been popular, who doesn’t love free stuff? Recently Apple has started many campaigns to promote free games and applications available in Apple iTunes store and announced various giveaways and free app every week. Also these campaigns are encouraging developers to produce free and fun iPhone games. Most of the developers are concentrating on free iPhone car games, free iPhone racing games and free iPhone games for girls. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a Apple iPad or iPhone, then begin your downloading spree!

Top 50 Free iPhone/iPad Games

1) Draw Something Free

Draw Something is the Top most popular iPhone game in the App Store. With more than 1478836 Ratings, Draw Something is the most downloaded social drawing and guessing game application.There are over 7 billion drawings created so far and you can experience this on your own by downloading this cool iPhone game. This game is really addictive and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You don’t need any drawing skills, just turn so simple doodles into rich masterpieces.

 Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 1529192

2) Temple Run

Who doesn’t know about Temple Run? This game is not popular in iPhone alone, it recorded huge downloads in Android and Windows as well. Temple Run is designed by Imangi Studios, LLC. and has a huge fan database. This game is considered to be a endless running game in the App Store. You will love each and every second of the game while playing. It has few amazing features like simple swipe and title controls, leveling up your character and use crazy powerups, Original 3D running mechanic interface, 7 different characters and driving incredibly fun.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 1337801

3) Words With Friends

You can play this game with your friends and millions of other users online. Words with friends has more than 20 million active users, who are completely addicted to word building, triple score seeking and chat bubble sending in this app. The simple and familiar gameplay will let you stick to the game for hours. You can play 20 games simultaneously, and also play with your friends or make a random opponent online. You can also connect with Facebook and add many more friends. The best option in like in this app, is the in-game chat messaging option. The push notifications will tell your friends that its your turn. You can access the game across iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 1156571

4) Zombie Farm

Killing zombies was too much of a fun. But at a certain stage, you will get bored and will be tired of playing the game. What if you can farm the zombies, instead of killing them? Yes, Zombie farm is an an amazing game, which is currently the no 1 farm game in the App store. You can grow and harvest your very own zombies. You can choose 100% organic zombies from a wide variety of crops and zombies. Player can invade other farms with a zombie fight, by unleashing your home grown zombies on the enemy. You can even customize the farm by adding large array of decorations to jazz up. You can even play with your friends and check what they are doing with their farms.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 848957

5) UNO

Now you can call UNO from your iPhone. UNO is a popular card game, which is a perfect natural fit for iPhone. Uno is no exception, it has amazing touch screen controls and pleasant presentation. The multiplayer option will turn your classic game into red hot. The brand new gameplay system has made the game fun and easy. You can just drag and drop cards using your finger on the screen, and get rid of all cards. With full version, you can get access to Gameloft live and enjoy playing wiht your friends online. You can find your favorite cards like Wild, Reverse, Draw 2 and many more in this app. You can even customize your game with 9 different rules, including the 7-0 and jump in. UNO can also connect with your friends online via Wifi connection. You can also take on increasingly hard challenges in Tournament mode.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 553563

6) Angry Birds Lite

Angry birds lite is ain’t no ordinary game at all. This extremely popular game has addicted many people to it. Angry birds will really gonna kick you in the nads. And they are the ones on your side. The story of Angry birds is quite interesting, wher the survival of the angry birds is at stake. They dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the birds eggs. You can use the destructive powers of the Angry birds to lay waste to the pigs fortified castles. This angry birds lite features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay values. To crack the 12 levels, you should have enough Logic, skill and brute force to crush the enemy.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 553563

7) Touch Hockey: FS5

Touch Hockey is an amazing game to play with your friends over Bluetooth and WiFi. This amazing game is ranked no 1 in all air hockey games available on App store. The fastest animations will keep you amazed through out the game, and is completely free of cost. This is considered to be one of the most 10 games your iPhone needs. The animations are quite smooth and are very responsive. The multi player Bluetooth and WiFi will give you local network support to keep playing the game with your friends. You can also find real time 3D mallets. Comes with 3 levels of smart play and one player game play.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 452653

8) Paper Toss

Almost everyone of us will play this game in our office. We just need a piece of paper to throw it in a trash can or basket. Paper Toss is such amazing game, which allows you to crumple up a piece of paper and throw in near by trash can. Did you ever try to be a boss at this kinda of game? If so, you can give a try to this awesome game. You can play with your co workers and see how far you can move the trash can. You can even bring in some electric fans to make the shot even harder. The game has gorgeous graphics, 7 levels of varied difficulty, Innovative flick control, Online scoreboard, animated paper and real office sounds.You can also set variations with wind speeds from fan impacts paper flight. The verbal abuse from angry co-workers is the real fun.

Top 50 Free iPhone/ iPad Games

All Time Ratings: 410217

9) Smurf’s Village

Smurf’s Village is a free game which allows you to build a summer house for Smurfetter on a island. You can play her sunbathing mini game to make the love sick smurfs go back to work. If you are tired of harvesting on the island by hand, you can add a farmer Smurf’s tractor to the island to simply farming. This tractor can boost the nearby crops and add the harvest all ability. You can join Lucky smurf in the village at level 14, with his mystery box shop. You can open mystery boxes and decide what to keep inside. It can be a new smurfier prizes or anything else. Also you can scale the mountain side at level 28 for a new free land expansion on the island. Level 48 has been added to the game recently, after fixing up various bugs and performance improvements.

All Time Ratings: 413920

10) Waterslide Extreme

Waterslide Extreme is a unique racing game, where you can feel the speed as you negotiate your way down the serious twists and turns of a massive water slide. The game has 9 stages, where you can unlock many points. The game has some cool modern cityscapes and 3D backgrounds. You should twist and tilt your way round tight corners and huge loops. You have to follow the natural velocity of the slide and speed up to get more points. But be careful with the edges, and there are some little surprises along the way. You can ride the slide in 1st or 3rd person view, and choose a male or female character. You can win bonus points by collecting five items in a row.

All Time Ratings: 353613

So far you have read about the Top 10 free iPhone apps. We respect and value your time. So here are the quick preview of remaining 40 iPhone games of all time, without any additional preview. You can just check out the game, number of ratings, and download it directly from the App store. So here we go,

11) 3D Brick Breaker: Revolution
All Time Ratings:  349493 Ratings

12) Family Feud & Friends
All Time Ratings:  295898 Ratings

13) Assasin’s Creed Altair’s Chronicles Free!
All Time Ratings: 288266 Ratings

14) Unblock Me
All Time Ratings: 287061 Ratings

15) Solitaire
All Time Ratings: 279702 Ratings

16) Tiny Tower
All Time Ratings: 272353 Ratings

17) My Horse
All Time Ratings: 260159 Ratings

18) Deer Hunter 3D
All Time Ratings: 260731 Ratings

19) GunApp
All Time Ratings: 258474 Ratings

20) My Town 2
All Time Ratings: 50582 Ratings

21) Poker by Zynga
All Time Ratings: 249856 Ratings

22) Kick The Boss
All Time Ratings: 235542 Ratings

23) The Oregon Trail
All Time Ratings: 229365 Ratings

24) Dragon Vale
All Time Ratings: 230745 Ratings

25) Tic Tac Toe
All Time Ratings: 227720 Ratings

26) Pocket Frogs
All Time Ratings: 220685 Ratings

27) Sheep Launcher
All Time Ratings: 214237 Ratings

28) 20Q Mind Reader
All Time Ratings: 211477 Ratings

29) Fruit Ninja Free
All Time Ratings: 203839 Ratings

30) JellyCar
All Time Ratings: 200535 Ratings

31) Action Bowling Free
All Time Ratings: 194575 Ratings

32) Contract Killer
All Time Ratings: 188217 Ratings

33) Beer Pong
All Time Ratings: 187922 Ratings

34) Glow Hockey 2
All Time Ratings: 186845 Ratings

35) Dots Free
All Time Ratings: 173191 Ratings

36) Cut The Rope Free
All Time Ratings: 173167 Ratings

37) World Cup Table Tennis Free
All Time Ratings: 172145 Ratings

38) The Impossible Test
All Time Ratings: 171772 Ratings

39)Farmville By Zynga
All Time Ratings: 170551 Ratings

40) Cube Runner
All Time Ratings: 165970 Ratings

41) Scramble With Friends Free
All Time Ratings: 164810 Ratings

42) Ninjump
All Time Ratings: 156706 Ratings

43) Mancala FS5
All Time Ratings: 156361 Ratings

44) BlackJack
All Time Ratings: 155753 Ratings

45) Hanging With Friends
All Time Ratings: 155746 Rating

46) MetalStorm:Wingman
All Time Ratings: 154968 Ratings

47) PapiJump
All Time Ratings: 145589 Ratings

48) DinerDash
All Time Ratings: 142441 Ratings

49) Chess
All Time Ratings: 142331 Ratings

50) Blood & Glory
All Time Ratings: 131133 Ratings

These are Top 50 Free iPhone/iPad Games. Please note that the all time ratings of each app may vary from the original source. If you think we have missed out any amazing iPhone, iPad Game, you can leave a comment below. We will update the list accordingly.

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