Beginning Steps to Follow in a Digital Painting – Basic Tutorials

We all love to paint, but when it comes to digital paintings, we all think its a rocket science to learn. Well, if you really got that passion to learn something creative like digital paintings, nothing is tougher. Specially tools like Photoshop and Corel Paint will add colors to your creative thinking. You can learn a lot from these tools and implement your idea in form of amazing pictures. CoolPCTips is now proud to present the new initiative for its readers – Digital arts. It’s good that our readers have been following us for a lot of tech information, but what about those extra creative minds that are passionate about art? Well good news if you are one of them, we are going to give you tutorials step by step like no other website on the internet. So firstly, let us answer the most fundamental doubts or questions a beginner asks.

Why do we need Digital arts/Digital Paintings?

We absolutely need Digital Paintings for concept illustrations to give the audience an idea of what’s in store.

1) Digital Paintings let an artist illustrate complicated scenes and characters which is almost impossible, when compared to taking a picture.
2) They are cheap, you don’t need to spend a fortune on sets, equipment to portray a real life scene. Just few sketches and a computer and of course an artist who wont be charging you much.

Digital paintings

3) Much more detailed illustrations with high resolution,apart from that it is possible to achieve photo-realism with digital paintings with a very skilled artist.
4) Digital Artists are employed by various organizations to create a concept art and give their audience something to look for. Gaming companies like Treyarch, UbiSoft, Activision heavily invest in digital painters and artists to create concept arts before prerequisite to the releases.

Digital paintings

Which Software do I need to learn Digital Paintings ?

There are tonnes of software’s that you can use to start your journey in digital painting. Although we are going to suggest a few of them, of course the best ones for you to begin with and understand and to easily meld into the environment.

1) Adobe Photoshop (7 or above)

One of the most Favorited tool by the digital artists around the world and also widely used. Mainly used for photo manipulations and creating posters for general purposes, likewise in professional arts too. Though it might take you about a week or so to get used to the variety of tools and mechanisms of Photoshop. Its definitely worth it as it will create an extension to the artist inside you to help you illustrate whats in your head.There is nothing that Photoshop cannot do, it lives upto your expectations and its reputation.

2) Corel Painter

The Corel Painter is another awesome tool exclusively for the painters, much more advanced than corel draw. It has wide number of options, tools and lots of cool features that make your work so fun and easy. Thought you might try and argue that Corel Painter must be on the top, we say Adobe Photoshop has much more varieties and tools that Corel Painter can offer. Nonetheless, it is an ideal tool for digital art.

3) Sketchbook Pro 

Another awesome piece of invention by the mankind, Sketchbook Pro, created by the Autodesk folks themselves. This will never let you down, it is very simple to get into the environment and start using it like a professional. Read more about Sketchbook Pro and its incredible features – SketchBook Pro.

4) Canvas

Canvas is another cool software, its is just simple, plain and definitely a painters tool. Not really suitable if you are looking for photo realism but, if you are trying to create a concept art, then this is it,this is your tool.

The choice is yours, choose wisely.

What kind of hardware do I need?

Not really demanding piece of hardware but we suggest you have a good computer with a dual core processor. If possible a graphic card. A digital pen tablet, possibly a Wacom. Read which tablet is suitable for you if you are at doubt here – Top 5 Digital Pen Tablets for Digital Artists

And of course you’ll be needing us, follow us, stay subscribed as we give you the best tutorials on the internet for digital paintings.

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