Reliance Offers Better Plan than Airtel, Idea to Cut Down 3G Prices to 61%

Finally India’s Biggest telecom provider has announced their new 3G plans. These plans are more better than Airtel and Idea 3G broadband plans. And looks like the 3G war between Indian telecom services is heated up. What ever the war might be, people are really loving this 3G war. They seems to be very happy to see the reduced 3G charges. Yesterday Reliance Communications (RCom) has joined the 3G war by announced their 61% cut off rates in 3G services. Previously both Bharthi Airtel and Idea Cellular were very generous to reduce the 3G charges to 70%. Reliance being a little bit strategical, announced their cut off to almost all close to Airtel and Idea 3G charges. The new Reliance 3G plans are not as effective as Bharthi Airtel and Idea Cellular offers. But are really the best plans out their in market.

How Reliance Communications has Offered a Better 3G Plan than Airtel 3G , Idea 3G?

Reliance  got some good deals like a user will have to pay Rs 250 per 1GB high speed 3G internet usage and their after 20paise per each 1MB data used. Earlier, Reliance used to charge Rs 650 for 1GB 3G data usage and 50paise per each MB used thereafter. The other side, Airtel and Idea has already reduced the 3G rates to Rs 3 per 1MB data download.

The new “My Best Plan” is a highly customer friendly feature which will generate the lowest bill for any data usage by the user. The plan is very beneficial for the first time user, who is not sure with his data usage. He will not receive any shocking bills  while using this service. Because once when the user completes the 6GB limit of 3G Internet access, the re will be no additional charge for the usage and will be unlimited until the subscription expires. But the speed will be decreased from 7MBPS to 256kbps after the limit, and user may experience slow Internet access.

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How Exactly the User will be Benefited with New Reliance 3G Tariff’s – My Best Plan

According to “My Best Plan”, When a user is using 2.5GB of data,where he is supposed to use only 1GB according to his plan, he will be billed for Rs. 250 as rental for that 1GB data download and Rs 300 for extra usage at Rs 0.2/MB for 1.5GB data. This way the user has to pay Rs 550 which is really economical. Previously on a 1GB plan from any other operator, this customer would have been billed for Rs 250 as rental and Rs 4500 for extra usage (at Rs 3/MB for 1.5 GB additional data downloaded. Which will end up with a Rs 4750 of huge bill.

To be more specific, When you have completed the 1GB data, the customer will have to pay 0.002 per 10kb data usage. Earlier, Reliance charged 1Paise per 10kb data used after the limit of 1GB. This is way too better from Airtel and Idea. Because Airtel and Idea will charge 0.03INR per 10kb which is nearly 15times Reliance price.

Also the new reliance 3G plan starts at Rs 750/ month and this is the only platform to offer unlimited 3G data on the prepaid platform. But the speed of download is not clearly mentioned when the user completes the limited balance. Not only for 3G users, Reliance has offered a amazing 2G plan for their users. For 2GB usage, now the user can pay Rs 450 instead of Rs 750. This new plans will be applicable in 333 town across 13 telecom circles where reliance has started 3G services.

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