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How To Fix a Corrupted Memory Card

Many of my friends tried to convert a 1GB memory card to 2GB, and failed terribly. Thought it worked fine for selected memory cards, may of them were unlucky to get good results. Every thing goes correct if your process is safe and smart enough to escape

How to Change VLC Player Skins

The Legend of all media players VLC will be coming with only one default skin which we all know and VLC player supports almost all types of audio and video formats which are not accessible by other players. In-spite of the having these great features it has

Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb Free

Is it possible to convert your 1GB memory card to 2GB? Yes! You can covert your 1GB memory card to 2GB for free. We recently came across a hacking forum site, where people were praising an application which converted their 1GB memory card to 2GB for free.

How To Make Some Powerful Viruses On Your Own

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG WITH YOUR SYSTEM. Yes we can make some powerful virus on our own and can create a disaster in our enemies system. i have created 60 different virus applications which stop the functionality of windows applications and make your

How to stop virus entering into pendrive

Most of us have a common problem with the USB that they get virus immediately when inserted in any public places or Offices and etc. Most of the complaints which i here is that they need to format the USB every time they use the pendrive some

How to Protect Your Hard disk With HD Tune

Now-a-days most of us have a common problem with their hard drive. Which Suddenly crashes without any notice and warnings. When it corrupts we have no other choice left other than to give it to service center. The saddest thing about this is that we lose all

Seagate Hard-disk Online Warranty Procedure.

Unlike Before Seagate hard-disk warranty replacement is not so easy now a days in India. Seagate hard-disk has changed there way of approaching the customers directly and gave the authority to Accel Frontline which is a service company dealing with many services of hardware companies like AMD, APACER, ASROCK, ASUS, GIGABYTE, INTEX, KINGSTON, MOSER-BEAR,

Dual Boot Problems With Windows 7 and Xp

Why do we always face problems when we install dual operating systems in our PC or Laptop? The Problem is with operating system or with our PC? This is a common problem with all users who have a dual operating systems in there PC. Remember one thing
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