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Top 5 Upcoming Online Games of 2012

Online games have their own charm. People who have or still play online games understand that there’s something much more exhilarating in playing videogames with other people. The idea of teaming up to tackle a challenge, helping someone out or just going in an all out skirmish

The Elder Scrolls Online First Look

After years of speculation and rumors, Bethasda SoftWorks has finally announced that an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) based on the hugely successful Elder Scrolls series called The Elder Scrolls Online will release in early 2013. The reveal of The Elder Scrolls Online was originally given to

New iPad Preview – First Impressions

On February 28, Apple sent out invites to major publishers and tech sites. It was quite evident from the invite that the event scheduled on March 7 was going to have something to do with a new iPad. Consequentially, tech sites all over went berserk in trying
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