Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse – Customize to Fit in Your Hand

The world’s leading gaming gear company Razer, has officially announced the release of Razer Ouroboros. Razer Ouroboros is an amazing ambidextrous mouse. In the past, we have already experienced the look and feel of Cyborg Rat series, which included thumb grip adjustments. But compared with Ouroboros, this mouse has some better adjustments, and also has a symmetrical design. This makes the mouse to be usable by both hands. Hence this ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse gives both the left handed and right handed gamers, an equal advantage. The developers believed in the basic fact that every user has different hand size, unequal dimensions, Hence a mouse with static design can satisfy just a group of people. This ambidextrous mouse provides several adjustments including the length, grip profile and the back arch, which are considered to be the main factors in the design.

The Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse: Review

This mouse is built for high precision, quick response and can provide a similar control to both left and right handed gamers. Coming to the adjustments, the mouse can fit in almost any hand size as the length of the mouse can be adjusted. Even the angle of back arch can be adjusted providing adjustments for the palm rest. Also the interchangeable side panels allow the users to change the gripping profiles be it a palm, claw or hybrid grip.  User can choose the mouse between wired and wireless, while using it. This adds more comfort of the user, while plying a game.

While on the wireless mode, the mouse provides super low latency of 1ms, which is almost like when it is wired. This means the gamer need not worry about the lag or latency, that might occur due to the wireless connectivity. And he can use the mouse freely as on wired mode. The biggest plus point of this ambidextrous wireless mouse is its advanced 8200dpi 4G dual sensor. In the past we have seen mice with laser or optical sensors, but this 4G dual sensor combines the power of optical and a laser sensor with 10 times better performance. A dpi clutch button is provided to adjust the dpi on the fly at any instant of time. This will provide heavy advantage for the action genre gamers as dpi can be switched according to the class of weapon they carry.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse: Release Date and Availability:

This masterpiece will be available in the market and on Razerzone.com during the 4th Quarter of 2012.

List of features:

  • 8200dpi 4G dual Sensor.
  • Availability of Wireless connectivity with dock.
  • 1ms ultra low latency on wireless mode.
  • Adjustable length, arch and side panels for perfect fit.
  • dpi clutch button for instant switch.
  • 11 programmable buttons.
  • Dimensions (According to adjustments): 116 mm to 136 mm x 71 mm x 42 mm.
  • Weight: 115 g to 135 g (without and with battery).
  • 7 feet long fiber cable.
  • Approximately 12 hours of battery life on continuous gaming.
  • Supported by Razer synapse 2.0 for instant storage of custom settings and making them available on cloud.

After tasting huge success over their previous products, will Razer reach another milestone with the new Ouroboros? How far will the ambidextrous mouse be successful  when compared to the previous products by Razer? Do let us know your views by your comments.

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