Top 3 Portable Battery Chargers Under Rs.1500

Picture this, you’re out on the road with no access to a power point but desperately need to charge your mobile phone. If you have no backup options, you’ll just have to suck it up and pray that your phone lasts as long as possible. Pretty much every manufacturer spares no expense in stuffing the newest smartphones with hundreds of features, and battery life always takes a backseat. Unless of course you’re talking about Motorola’s long running (see what I did there?) MAXX series of smartphones which can last way more than any other smartphone.

So how do ensure that you don’t run out of juice at critical moments? There’s mainly two options you have to consider. One is a battery pack, which adds extra battery capacity to your phone and also bulking it up in the process. If you’re all about longevity and don’t mind the extra bulk, this should be your solution of choice. However, if you don’t want your smartphone to get fat, you can always carry a portable battery charger. They’re basically batteries with a micro USB connection that charge up your smartphone when connected. The principle is simple, the portable battery charger can be charged separately earlier, and then can hold that juice for when you really need it for your smartphone.

Now, there are quite a lot of portable battery chargers available with different capacities, of which the higher ones are obviously more expensive. At a price point of under Rs. 1500, you probably won’t be able to fully charge large capacity phones like a Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, but you can at least top it up once fully or something close to it. However, if you’re the owner of a mid or budget range smartphone, you can probably charge it twice completely, depending on the capacity. So here’s the top 3 portable battery chargers that won’t break the bank, at under Rs. 1500!

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The top 3 portable battery chargers on a budget

Belkin Charger F8M158QE (Battery Pack 1000)

Top portable battery chargers under Rs. 1500 - Belkin Power Pack 1000

First up is the Belkin Battery Pack 1000. As the name suggests, it houses a 1000 mAh battery, which isn’t all that much, but considering the price, we can’t complain. Premium smartphone owners can probably get a half or slightly less charge from a fully topped up Battery Pack 1000, but less power hungry smartphones (read mid and budget range) should be able to get somewhere around 80% or so depending on the capacity. If you’re okay with the slightly less capacity, consider getting this one.

Price: Rs. 1299

Sony CP-ELSB Power Bank

Top portable battery chargers under Rs. 1500 - Sony Power Bank

So here’s something quite worthwhile. For the same price as the Belkin above, you get double battery capacity and Sony’s trusted brand name. That means you can get a respectable amount of juice from the Sony Power Bank even if you’re a premium smartphone user. For example, a huge Galaxy Note 2 battery can be charged almost 70%, and most others can be charged to 80-90% depending on their battery capacity. The only downside is that a full charge of the Power Bank requires 6 hours, so better plan accordingly. Otherwise, it’s really good value for money.

Price: Rs. 1299

Nokia DC-16 Charger

Top portable battery chargers under Rs. 1500 - Nokia DC-16

Nokia’s DC-16 portable battery charger is well built, fast and has the highest capacity this side of two grand rupees. Since it’s based on the Lumia range, you can even get it in bright colors like red or yellow, if you’re into that sort of thing. The 2200 mAh battery capacity should be good enough for a Lumia 920 or Galaxy S3 almost full charge. It takes around 3-4 hours for a full charge and should be able to top up lesser capacity mobile phones twice. Plus, it’s the only one among the lot that comes with a battery indicator. A great buy overall.

Price: Rs. 1400

Those were our picks for the top portable battery chargers under Rs. 1500, do let us know if you have any comments, queries or anything to add. So um…charge on?

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